We played hard today...just like last week.

We just have no playmakers. The turning points to me;

  1. Austin Allen running at midfield and fumbling. That was a killer.
  2. Randy Ramsay brick handing a sure pick six. Brutal.
  3. those two plays on 3 and 2. My wife could have done better. Those were our two best play options?

MSU tried to give it to us…we just wouldn’t take it. Coach Bielema is a good dude, but a horrible game day coach. He looks dazed and confused…he doesn’t and never has looked to be in command. I don’t think he is.

Sosa played a great game. He is coming of age.

Could not agree more, whoever is next HC must recruit competitive players. If you don’t have the studs it don’t make any difference about X and O and Schemes, in my opinion. Maybe the Norvall guy?? I am sick of losing with a great people guy like CBB, which I respect very much for his love of his players. Just don’t feed the bulldog.

Yea, I agree we lack playmakers and I never seen so many receivers fall down after making a catch…

No kidding. Great point about the falling down. No home run hitters. Nance and Jordan Jones are the main culprits. Of course, our QB is not accurate. He needs to hit those guys in stride.

But,alas, it’s all almost over. Until next year and more sucking, regardless of who coaches the team.

Bielema has gutted this football program.

I think we have play makers, I just don’t think we utilize them in a way that’s beneficial for us. Our offense doesn’t do very well at getting guys the ball in space.

Brandon Martin is barely used.
Hammonds shouldn’t be getting hand offs in the I formation, he should get pitches and wheel routes, and plays from the slot.
Warren should get more than 1 jet sweep to the short side of the field per game.
Jones should be targeted on more deep routes.