We play CSU next. Quit worrying about UNT

I hope the whole fan base isn’t as misdirected as some here are. We play CSU next and they can pass good enough we need to be a little worried. They pass for 360 yds a game. They are not a good running team so we may be able to use our aggressive front without getting burned too much with a run game.

Our Oline impressed me with pass blocking but we need to work on our run blocking. We should be able to work on our run blocking since they are giving up 230 yards per game. We also should be able to pass on them since they give up 380 yds in passing. The RPO is probably going to be on display a lot in this game which is Storey’s advantage.

I supported our team when Otis Douglas failed and Frank succeeded, and will support them if they go 1-11 this year.

However, I will not overlook what I think I see on the field. Personally I feel little threat from the first three games but fear greatly what will happen after that.

Any new coaching staff needs time of course and this year will not be great win loss numbers.

But true fans support the the coaches and the team and do not attack either.

I am thankful for the first 3 games to massage and mold this team. We need time to get the Oline experience and to start gelling. Storey showed we have a QB that can burn them with the pass AND is a TRUE threat to run… so now the RPO will be more effective. I would use the RPO a lot to set the tone early and put CSU on their heels.

We have 2 NON SEC games that are desperately needed for experience AND confidence. We have heard that Colton Jackson is ahead of schedule so we may have him by UNT or AU. We can develop some players on the Oline this week and against UNT, so that we will have some backups with solid snaps/experience. Capps, Wagner and Jackson will start to move into the rotation and we could reach a decent quality level on the Oline. We have to survive the AU, A&M, Bama and OM stretch without injuries on the Oline.

i think colorado state will try and run the ball, short passes, take the air out of the ball to try to keep it close until later in the game. their only chance. i thought eastern illinois had some holes against our defense in the running game.

for certain bobo will see us getting beat twice deep on our right corner. expect a deep pass or three against us to that side.

If we lose to CSU, it will be because of the elevation adjustment.

NTU worries me more.

CSU has a good QB and they threw for an average of 360 yards in their first 2 games. This will be there 3rd game. I would throw slants against our Def in addition to the bubble screens EIU had some success with. I saw them use our stunt agression/momentum against us and let our Dline run themselves out of the play. Too much over-pursuit I think.

Every part of the Colorado State offense is much better than Eastern Illinois our defense I’m sure will bring more of the package to compensate for that but Callaway better be ready because number 11 is NFL Prospect and they are going to pick on him all night long.

CSU defense is really poor but they will be ready for us at home I’m pretty sure they’ve had this game circled for a while.

I see us winning something like 38-24

Ha! Yeah, they played their instate rival last week, but they have circled us on the schedule :wink:

Folks, we need to be worried about EVERY game. Every week will be a challenge, in some form or fashion. From the coaches to the players, everyone will have their hands full.

CCM said Merrick probably isn’t coming back and will be put on Medical RS. He also said he hoped to get Colton back next week for UNT. He also said they plan to play Capps more this week since he’s learning more of the playbook.

SEC school coming in to their place…trust me they have it circled played Bama very tough everytime they have played them.

I agree with ya! They are desperate for a win too.

It will likely be a knock-down all out brawl.

Each of the first four opponents are better than the one that comes before them.