We play Bucknell in 8 days.....

This is a team that won 26 games last year, taking West Virginia to the end (86-80) in a #4 - #13 game in last years NCAA tourney. They also won at Vandy. They have 93% of their scoring back and shoot the 3 (38% as a team last year). I saw one article that said they could conceivably win 30 this year.

We don’t have much time to up our game.

This game will be very tough to win. As usual, our defense leaves lots of open shots. If Bucknell makes a majority of the open shots, it might be a long night for the Hogs.

Better worry about Samford first. We don’t look very good right now and aren’t in any position to overlook anyone.

Bucknell played fast offensively last year, too, ranking just a bit behind Arkansas (16.1 seconds per possession). They’ll shoot quite a few 3s (38.4 percent of attempts from 3) and like was noted above, they were a top-50 team in percentage (37.9).

I’d expect a fast game. They weren’t great at taking care of the ball a year ago, so maybe Arkansas can force turnovers.

Gentlemen, thank you for these posts and for the “heads up” while most of us are still focused on the meltdown of our Football Program. My question is this, is there a tv schedule available? My Parents asked me and unfortunately I didn’t have an answer for them. Can anyone direct me to a link? I love out of State but try to visit as often as possible and watch games with them since I am not sure how much time I have with them due to their advanced ages.

Thank you for listening so to speak… And Woo Pig.

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/sport … /schedule/”>http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/sport/m-baskbl/schedule/</LINK_TEXT>

Thank you Jimmy, I have been traveling/working quite a bit and missed this article. Greatly appreciated.