We owe

Auburn some hard fouls. They busted us with 3 very, very hard fouls. Moore has one coming for sure. Can’t wait to see them in BWA.


Hard fouls is about all Moore is good for.

I watched him in high school and never could figure out why so many schools were after him.

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It’ll have to wait until next year

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I’m pretty sure Auburn thought it owed us a few things too after the crotch dunk by Devo. Two way street.

Maybe we see them in the SEC tournament and send them home with a few bruises and wipe that smug smile off Pearls face.

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What about that game last night makes you think we can beat them?

Not a lot from last night but if we hit our bunnies and FT we win. We just played horrible. Play to our ability and we win easily.

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What is our “ability” that was lacking last night?

He already answered your question…bunnies and FT’s.

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We aren’t a good FT shoot team so that ability isn’t there. We didn’t have bunnies. They were in a zone with 3 guys in the paint because we can’t make 3s. Those aren’t bunnies just because you’re under the rim. I didn’t see us miss layups. So he may have said what is required to win but I don’t think it applies to our “ability”. He actually made two statements. I’m curious what our ability is that wasn’t present last night.

I don’t have the time for you today. You need to stick to the bunnies you shoot with a .22, because you obviously don’t know anything about basketball.

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We actually came into the game shooting 71% which is very solid but last night we did not… we will do better Wed.

SEC MBB Stats.pdf (espncdn.com)

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I’d love to see our FG Percentage from in the paint last night.

It was awful, and yes, many were layups.

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Keep on being a bully. Not a good look this day in age but as long as you feel good about yourself (though bullies commonly struggle with personal

Anytime you don’t like what someone says. You degrade. This behavior has to stop in society in general. And I’m going to make it known when I see a bully. Stop it. Get help if you need it. But don’t bring that nonsense to this board.

I’m a bully? You repeatedly questioned LD’s accurate description of what happened last night, and I called you on it. Who is the “bully” really?

Our FG% at the rim last night was awful. At the rim are “bunnies.”
We didn’t make them last night, but we normally do. Add the FT misses (mostly from having the wrong guys at the line), and you get an L. Very simple.

You clearly don’t know what a “bunny” is, but please keep calling ME a bully when you keep degrading people (LD) who actually do.

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Having watched them play a lot of games let’s me know we can beat them. We shot free throws at a season low, missed close to the goal shots (Bunnies) :innocent:we don’t normally miss and they played better than they really are. We see them again, it will be a neutral court setting and we are better. That’s my opinion!

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Live stats said we were 7-22 on layups and 6-6 on dunks. Their definition of layups seems to differ from mine, but it’s still shots close to the basket. Of course Auburn blocked seven shots too which doesn’t help your FG %.

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I asked LD a question. In what way was that degrading? I don’t believe a bunny is standing under the basket guarded by 3 guys. Those were the shots we missed. Did we miss wide open looks under the basket? I don’t recall any. I’m all for healthy discussion and learning. I believe I have tried to have that. I don’t believe you have. Making fun of others has no place here. It really has no place anywhere and should stop. I’ve asked you several times and would appreciate you listen.

Yeah, you are a helpless victim. I’m sure Votan really appreciates the English lesson you provided him. At least Votan brings real value to the board. You…nah.

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Just pitiful.

Bullies continually demean and refuse to stop or accept responsibility. You can try to create and control the narrative all you want. I’m not going to back down to a bully. You can keep it up all you want. But you will stop one way or another.

Hopefully one thing I bring to the board is an awareness about your behavior toward me and how it’s unacceptable in todays society.