We Out-Special Teamed Our Opponent Today

Good ST play seems to get overlooked on this forum.


Yes we did!


By comparison to team that missed three field goals that were each the difference, for sure.

They hit one or two and we are crying.

That said love Cam!

True, but let there be a mistake on ST and there will be calls to fire the coordinator. It’s another situation where personnel is important.

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True… and when was the last time our special teams outperformed our opponents? been a few years .

We have highly rated players at place kicking and kick-offs. It is difficult to over state their contribution in helping us get to bowl eligibility.


Yesterday was the first time in quite a bit that Calvaruso’s kicks weren’t flying through the endzone. He’s a weap

Overall (coverage, returns, protection, etc,) our Special Teams have been solid this year.

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