We now need to

Sweep A& M at home next weekend.

A sweep would be wonderful, but just a series win is necessary. If we do that, perhaps we can still lose in a 1-2 split at UGA & still be in a good position. We don’t play well on the road—against anyone—but we’ve played very well at home. I hope for a sweep, but after Friday night, I thought we had a good chance at sweping LSU. Sure didn’t think we’d lose that series.

I’ve been saying for a few weeks that I think Arkansas can be a top eight seed without ever winning a road series this season. The home schedule is that good and the Razorbacks have won almost every one of those games.

if they want to award us a NS I will be stoked because we have proven anyone can beat us away from Baum.
Whats more important me is the team peak at the right time and we are going to have to improve in Several areas to have a good shot at CWS and then have a chance at NC. just way to inconsistent in almost every area.I still have hope we can put it all together but better start quickly