We needed this. Got to keep KJ healthy -------------

-------------------- & we can win the majority of the rest of the schedule.

Ole Miss is going to be an adventure.

That running QB looks like our worst nightmare. Going to have to out-score them.

Dart is a pretty solid quarterback and a very good runner but he will make some of the worst passing decisions you will ever see… He is very capable of throwing a couple of ints

Gotta take care of business with Open Date first. Always kind of tricky. Devil’s workshop and all that. Then Aubrun. Despite all their problems, they are still very capable of beating us at Jordan Hare. Huge Freeze’s team is better than Petrino’s team. Then we can worry about the rebelious ones and their little Dart thrower/runner guy.


Auburn has terrible quarterback play, but can run the ball, so I fully expect that our defense will play the three man front with two backers and wonder why they are piling up yardage. Ole Miss with their jet sweeps and running game have probably watched our game film and started salivating. Glad that KJ and the offense were clicking today.

Auburn ran like crazy against Ole Miss today. I think it’s a typical Kiffin team — great on offense, pretty bad defensively. I think that game will probably be like the majority of the rest of Arkansas’ games this year, a shootout.

I hate to admit that I think this, but Ole P1ss is gonna eat our lunch then steal our twinkie we had stashed for dessert.

I do not think our defense will make them punt a single time.

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