We need unis like the AZ Cards


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As a life long football Cardinals fan, (I’m over 60), if you are talking about those black atrocities they have worn in recent times then I say, “Not just NO, but He!! NO!!!”

Now if you are talking about some of the other sweet uniforms that feature the actual team colors of Cardinal and White of the oldest franchise in the NFL, then I say, bring them on!


bring back the vintage Johnny Roland, Larry Wilson, Ernie McMillan unis?; I had one of those when I was a kid but since Bidwell moved them to AZ & kept the name they’re dead to me

How about John David Crow, Sonny Randle, Charley Johnson… Jimmy Hart… :slight_smile:

Funny thing about that move. I lived in St. Louis from Oct. 84 - to Oct. 87. When I got the job in AZ and moved in October, I stopped for gas on the way out of St. Louis, bought a football Cardinal can koozie, and drove away thinking, ‘Hmm, who am I going to root for now?’ 3 months later the Cards moved to AZ. I figured that if they were going to follow me around I might as well continue rooting for them.

Can’t blame old man Bidwell too much, St. Louis wouldn’t build him a stadium. After Michael took over team, and they built that big new stadium, things have changed dramatically. Michael, who is a former federal prosecutor, is running the show the way a franchise is supposed to be run. Still a fan and always will be.

The Cardinals were my first NFL favorite team. It seemed like a natural fit since I was a Cardinal baseball fan. I’m so old , I remember when Jim Hart was a rookie. I had quit caring about them by the time they moved to AZ. As someone else once said, I always did love that helmet. Not every team can make a white bonnet look good. The Cardinals always did.

I remember when Charley Johnson got drafted & free agent baby faced Hart from SIU was thrown in. I think they were in the Century Division & finished 4-9-1 every year. Jackie Smith was my fave…til he went to the Cowboys. felt bad for him when he dropped that end zone TD in the Super Bowl.