We need to stop playing A & M

at Jerry World. To have only 2 conference games in Fayetteville next year is beyond ridiculous plus no recruits is just stupid! There were only 44,000 in attendance at this years game. When we were in different conferences it made sense but doesn’t anymore. Frank would have never agreed to this! We need to play them home and home and the sooner the better!

Agreed - I think with Chad Morris’s ability to recuit Texas we don’t need Jerry world

Make it home and home

Yes sir what the two guys above said! WPS

Totally disagree. CCM wants to play in Arlington. He can recruit far better than any of you three. We know that. So keep playing in Arlington.

Morris loves it though. Loves the exposure. Matt posted in another thread, and he may be right, that after our contract with the Aggies runs out in '24 we’ll find somebody else in this area to play down there every year that isn’t a conference game.

Keep playing in Jerry World every year, just not against Aggies. Get another opponent scheduled there.

I agree that playing A&M as a conference game at Jerry’s World doesn’t make as much sense as when we were in different conferences.
We could still keep the SWC Classic alive with scheduling other old SWC foes like Texas, Texas Tech, TCU, Houston which are all still viable programs that would create that same nastalga. Simply set up a yearly rotation with these teams and fans would be excited for the game and coaches, players and recruits would as well.

Go Hogs!

Yep the aTm game should be a home & home. But I just hope we beat them in Arlington a couple of times before that happens. Just a pride thing.

We have been unranked for so long that the game has had little significance. I wonder how we would feel if the last five seasons both teams had been ranked and the games were sellouts?

Very good point.

I’m in favor of holding a non-conference game at Jerry World. While that might take away an attractive match-up from RRS, it would still keep that presence in Texas. I do not like the idea of only holding 2 conference games in Fayetteville, that harkens back to the old days when more games tended to be played in Little Rock than on the hill.

I get the idea, but as a Cowboys fan, uh, they need to keep playing there so I can go to the Dallas game the next day.

Actually won this year. :sunglasses:

For me, the bigger culprit in the (2 Fayetteville SEC games) is the MO game played in Little Rock each odd year. The 2 SEC Fayetteville games will happen every year we play our MO home game in Little Rock. We should switch that to the OM game, which is played in even years and still allows us 3 SEC Fayetteville games. I can’t believe whoever approved that MO contract didn’t think about this.

Or we could just play Misery and everyone else in Fayetteville :idea:

I always thought it was a good idea to play a game in DFW. I wouldn’t mind making it an attractive non-conference game, though. Now that we play a 12 game schedule, I’m not sure we don’t have too many games in Fayetteville. I’ve dropped my season tickets for several reasons, but one was that I simply got tired of driving from LR so many times per season. One game in LR & one in Dallas is hardly a burden on the home game schedule. 7-8 games in RRS is a lot. When I was growing up, there were only 3. That’s too few, but 6 is plenty, IMO. (It’s not like we’re packing the stadium these days. Maybe if we start winning again soon, we’ll pack RRS & it’ll be more important to play on campus.)

Do you really think LSU or Alabama or Auburn would play a neutral site CONFERENCE game year in and year out? I know what the answer would be HELL NO! Almost every P5 school plays 7 or 8 home games every year and we should too!

The Iron Bowl was neutral site for 50 years until Auburn wanted out. The reason they wanted out is that, justifiably, they felt that playing Bama in Legion Field was the equivalent of a Bama home game even if the Aubies got half the tickets. And then the decay of Legion Field coupled with expansion in Tuscaloosa made Bama’s Birmingham schedule impossible to maintain anyway. Also remember that Georgia and Florida, both of whom have more realistic championship aspirations than ours most of the time anyway, still play a neutral site conference game EVERY year and have no plans to change that.

If I had my druthers we wouldn’t play a conference game in Arlington. But when the SW Classic was created it wasn’t a conference game, remember. And I’m pretty sure it won’t continue after 2024.

Notre Dame plays an interesting schedule. They have only 6 home games a year but they also play a couple of neutral site games. This year it’s Navy at San Diego and Syracuse at Yankee Stadium. A couple of years back they played in Dublin, Ireland.

In addition to UGA-UF in Jacksonville, OU-Tex is played every year in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. We played Ole Miss in Memphis in about 1995.

Totally agree on the notion of a non-conference game at Jerry World. Aggies should go back to home and home

I enjoy going to Jerry’s world but I’d prefer a non conference game. Playing the Aggie’s home and home.