We need to offer Million $ NIL deals to any worthy DL

Out there. Evidently we can’t recruit any to UA based upon merit

How much of this Million are you pitching in?


Our strong brothers and sisters of Walmart

I would hate to be the people at the UA asking for money.

Donors are being hit up for facilities, coaches salaries, NIL , etc.


When are ya’ll going to understand that Walmart is a multi national corporation…Sam has been gone a long time now. Also he was a graduate of Mizzou if i remember right…The younger family members help out some but I dont think they are all that into football…I wouldn’t be putting my chips all in for them to bail us out…

Rob Walton put his football money into the Broncos. About $4.6 billion worth, IIRC.

Sure ain’t putting it towards the Hogs if he is that invested in the NFL…

So, a little over 1 billion per victory this year for the hapless Broncos. Wish I had that kind of money to piss away.

To be completely accurate, Rob is one of several investors in Denver. But he’s the primary one, and he assigned his son in law to run the team. He probably put $2-3B up of his own money. Which is sofa cushion change to him; in spite of the stock market slump, he’s probably still worth north of $60B.

The ownership group also includes Condoleeza Rice and Formula 1 driver Sir Lewis Hamilton.


Wal mart as a corporation will have a limited presence in the nil game. To them, they would have to invest in multiple states so why do it.

Now can former employees contribute? Yes. How much I don’t know.

Brian hunt and his collective to my understanding have helped us get Nick smith and others for basketball.

I think we have the money we just don’t have the reputation and cool factor for some of these guys. The elite ones are being recruited by all of the blue bloods and they have plenty of money also.

Maybe, maybe not. Dr Pepper is a worldwide soft drink company, yet they signed Bryce Young to an NIL deal. Of course he was a returning Heisman Trophy winner, but he’s still NIL.

DJ Uiagelelei at Clemson (now of Molester State) also had deals with Beats by Dre and Bojangles restaurants, both of which are not exactly SC-local businesses. He had Dr Pepper before Young did.

Point is, Walmart could choose to do the same, whether with one of our athletes or someone else’s.

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I have been saying that for years. I don’t see Wal-Mart going “whole Hog” with money for UA athletics. I know Nike does for Oregon (is it Nike or the major stock holders? Not sure), but in general, a multinational corp isn’t going to go all in supporting one university’s athletic program. Too much to risk in ticking off fans of other schools.

Add in the fact that a LOT of the highly paid people at Wal-Mart are not from Arkansas, but moved here to take those jobs. Have some of them become Hog fans? I hope so, But I can tell you if I had been hired by Nike (for example) years ago and moved to Oregon, I would still be giving any money I was going to give to UA, not Oregon.