We need to keep Smith for La recruiting and Lunney


Some what agree, what Louisiana players have really stood out though? I’m trying to remember?

A lot of young ones are on the team, but Dejon Harris was just named 2nd team all sec.

True, guess I need to research the roster.

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://smumustangs.com/coaches.aspx?rc= … h=football”>http://smumustangs.com/coaches.aspx?rc=962&path=football</LINK_TEXT>

If you look at the details of the current SMU coaching staff, you see a number who have a connection to Clemson. I would think that they also have a close connection to Coach Morris. Both Arkansas and SMU had bad defenses, so I would suspect not many are going to follow from SMU or be retained from Bielema’s staff. But, we have some decent offensive coaches that should find a role, if for recruiting if nothing else. Lunney and Smith make a lot of sense, but I don’t know what other positions they can coach if Morris brings his guys with him in those positions.

I doubt Michael Smith will be back. Morris is going to bring almost his entire offensive staff from SMU. Lunney might stick around because of his ties to the Arkansas high schools.

I’m going to make a really novel suggestion. Why don’t we let the guy pick who he wants to work with? He may want Lunney, he may want Smith, he may not. Ball’s in his court now, let’s see what he does with it.

Exactly Swine. Just read an interesting article, Chad has relinquished play calling responsibilities. His OC at SMU is Joe Craddock.

http://www.espn.com/college-football/st … ing-record

I thought I heard/read somewhere early on that he was not bringing many of his staff, now it looks like that’s not the case. He will bring who he will, but I’m ready for a clean start and if that means an entirely new staff so be it. I will say I have an affinity for Lunney, all the way back to his heroics as a frosh QB that came into Knoxville and led a great comeback win for the Hogs over a highly rated UT team - I believe first year in the SEC.

Scoots Harris ! That’s one example! He has helped in Louisiana.
Lunney is a Razorback. Nothing else needs to be said! I hope he stays on the staff.
Coach Morris needs to make those decision keeping in mind what’s best for his system.

The guy is going to bring his people in…

The 10th assistant might leave room for a member on the current staff to remain, perhaps in the role of special team’s coach (although it would need to be somebody who had no connections to our not-so-special teams from a year ago :smiley: ).

It’s his program now. If we want him to be successful, let him make the hires. I love the guys you mention but if they don’t fit it, then so be it.

If these coaches recruit Texas as well as the experts say , then they can recruit any where well, particularly Okla, La, Ark, which are similar to Texas.

As to La, Miles focused on larger geographical areas , Coach O has doubled down on the instate players so that may not be as fruitful going forward.