we need to come out swinging tonight

I’m nervous about this game because we have won the 1st game and lost the next 2 several times this yr that’s why I want us to come out and be very aggressive.to heck with running the pitch count up I want to see some line drives in the gaps and hopefully out of the park we took some great pitches to hit last night.we have good hitters and want us to make them pay for those.I don’t want them to have any excuses I want to see those Bats wake up and hit the ball.the last 2 games we really haven’t done what we are capable of.I don’t want to see game 3!

I think OSU is going to score tonight and we need to break out of our offensive slump in order to win. Our 1-5 hitters are due to score some runs.

I think the same thing.

I think they will score too.they have a great lineup and you really have to hit the corners to control them and thats hard to do.although I did see them chase the high ball but Murphy can’t throw it by them like loeske and Cronin.