We need to be THE Kentucky rival again!

Just as we brought all of our history into SEC when we joined.

No one else could really challenge that fan base but another great fan base like us.

Time to remember our past and rise up.

The dark days of last decade plus or so is over.

Remember our history and take the future, baby.

Remember when we had no fear of anyone.

Remember when the world watched.

It has never changed for me I hate Kentucky almost as much as I hate the Longhorns! For the Kentucky fans that are so rude I hate them too! They have the most arrogant and disrespectful fans in the entire country! Longhorns fans are right up there with them.

Add their coach to the hated list

We could be the rival again, but we are going to have to recruit and play a little better. We need to win an SEC Championship and an SEC tournament in the future to really get back to being a rival. We could do it, but we have a lot of work in front of us to try to forget the past 20 years of mediocrity.

Kentucky is hard to beat in the SEC tournament when it’s 5-8. It can be done but it can’t be close or the ref’s will get it done.

I would really like to be at the Bud tonight to cheer the Hogs, jeer the Cat’s and give the refs down the river if they continue to favor KY.

Hopefully the crowd will arrive ready to take the house down. I have no doubt it will be the loudest it has been in a couple of years.

Hopefully the FBI will be staking out the UK team bus after they lose to us…

We do have a great fan base but I’m afraid our program is pretty mediocre. There was a ton of renewed interest in the program this year, as evidenced by the great attendance, but the program just can’t seem to rise to the occasion. We are what we are. A middle of the pack SEC program. I’m not sure Mike has the coaching chops to change that.

Mike’s system works on about 75% of the teams on our schedule, but it is that 25% that have the talent to expose Mike’s system that has been weakened with rules changes and his coaching. His system could work better if he would stop being married to trapping man defense.