We need some men!

Just too many youngsters! We don’t have one true alpha. One guy that will kick some serious tail. We need MEN! We need some rough dudes. Too heads downs, shrugged shoulders, aw shucks. Men! We need them!

Amen, preaching to the choir. I’ve been posting the need for GROWN MEN for years now!
It won’t happen until we get several of them.

Go Hogs!

Put some grown men down low in a possession like that and just put the ball up on the rim.

I think that was supposed to be the play, just like the possession before. The point guard didn’t execute.

That’s what they tried to do—get the ball to the big guy who had been dominating. It didn’t work.

I’m not sure some of you understand the point here, we need more than 1 GROWN MAN that can be a factor in every game and be a problem for the opponent.
Currently, we don’t have that.

Go Hogs!

We are not going to get any. They cost to much.

We have grow them.

Have to play UNLV and let them tell coach direct or put it in suggestion box.

Not all of them. We have to go find them. They are out there. Mizzou had a few. Georgia had a few. It seems every team we play has a few more than us. I guess everyone is paying for them, but us? Maybe we can get an award to hang in the rafters for being the cleanest team in college bball. I don’t want to be dirty, and I don’t think it requires being dirty to get men. I think it takes work.

I question the strength coach. The Todd Day skinny frame doesn’t work anymore. Get these kids in the weightroom! We are weak on the boards and have just zero toughness mentality. MA is not the answer 8 years of never once having anything close to a magical run gets old and stale. His style doesn’t fool anyone and doesn’t work at the top level. He obviously can’t recruit.

One thing no one is talking about or expecting is we have all of these freshman and youth well what if 2-3 or 4 transfer. That is a true possibility. Well then it is back to the drawing board for yet another rebuilding year.

The only ones that will transfer are the ones not playing and the door is opened for them. I don’t foresee the freshmen that are starting or getting all of these minutes on the court now leaving & taking a chance of sitting elsewhere. They just happen to be pretty talented players that MA did recruit.

I agree, I have no reason to think we are going to lose some of these guys but that thought keeps coming back. WPS

exactly. Nothing wrong with the play, but a coach can’t make the pass.

The point guard attempted a pass to Gafford he had no chance of making! Dumb play on his part there were others open but he dominating the ball. Just an ugly played game on defense. This team is a mind blowing with the way they play. Oh course is the same result on most of his shots too!

We need a second team center that will allow Gafford to rest each half without significant loss of rebounding, shot blocking, and scoring. We need a point guard with a legit outside shot threat. We need someone on the bench who brings instant offense when subbed in. We need some dynamic scorers who want the ball in crunch time, who can break down the defense, dish, score, or get fouled consistently. Someone who wants the ball when time is running out and knows what to do with it. We need rebounders who don’t lazily watch the shot to see if it goes in and then run to the other end. We need rebounders who, after applying Anderson’s pressure defense, actually try to go get a rebound. (Why are ALL of our guys except the shooter rushing back to get on defense? How about at least one or two not named Gafford trying to get the ball and put it in the basket for a score?!?!?) We need some bigger power forwards with outside shooting and inside scoring moves. We also need some wing players with speed, a good outside shot, and who can drive to the basket and dunk the ball. A couple more consistent three point shooters would be nice too. If some of these guys can also be tough and physical men, that would be good too. It would also be good to not have empty recruiting classes in the Senior, Junior, and part of the Sophomore classes and have to bring in ten true freshmen or transfers to completely reload with the youngest team in America. JMVVVVVHO.

It’s been said before, but worth saying again, losing the big kid to MS State hurt us badly. We simply don’t have the big studs to compete inside. The stats are clear…

Got trumped by the check book late.

Yeah, we got it handed to us by Ms. State but we should always have a back-up plan. Good programs never stop recruiting.

i agree, we need some men. yet we just offered another point guard for 2019. this offer puzzling to me unless one of our 3 point guards transfer. we have harris, hill, and sills yet we offer another point guard and need bigs. puzzling to say the least.

IMO we have one tough guy on the team. That’s Desi Sills. Dude is not scared to take it to the rim and try to punch on a big guy. He’s not afraid to guard the best player. I love that dude!

We need some big guys to have some dog in them. After the big dude(mizzou) screamed in Chaney’s face and got the tech nobody on our team said a word. Someone should have stood up for Chaney and gave dude a few choice words. You think some of our past dogs would have let that go on? For example - Darrel Walker, Alvin Robertson, Corey Beck, Rosie Wallace, Kareem Reid, Patrick Beverly, Todd Day, Bobby Portis…none of these dudes would have sat by and let that slide.