We need more athletes

Heck w shooting or dribbling, can you jump high then shoot a brick.

exactly! all we have are athletes who can’t do anything else,their not basketball players,its ridiculous!

We have the players. I just hope this next class coming in are mental beast. These guys have mentally wilted currently.

I was thinking the same thing earlier

Hannah’s and Watkins were basketball players and not athletes. Missing them tonight

Some posters say they’re soft. Too me, mental toughness comes from hard nose coaching.

They have shown it last season and this season, but currently and recently it has vanished.

We need to quit blaming the athletes. They lack a coach that demands accountability… I can’t recall a player that improves from the time he enters the program until he leaves. With a coach, this team could have made noise in the tourney. Now they can watch it from Fayetteville. Nice guy, no coach.

We don’t have the players. We have 3 guys who can play quality SEC basketball…Gafford , Macon and Barford. We are short handed . We have no bench and a weak starting lineup. Anderson did a solid job coaching last year with a better team. This year we just don’t have it We don’t play defense. We gave up 7 layups in the first half…guys just cruising to the basket when Gafford was out. Please stop switching and let Gafford guard the rim. Some type of zone might give us a better shot to win. I thought we competed well in the 2nd half, but that 1st half was brutal.


We need to quit blaming the athletes. They lack a coach that demands accountability… I can’t recall a player that improves from the time he enters the program until he leaves. With a coach, this team could have made noise in the tourney. Now they can watch it from Fayetteville. Nice guy, no coach.

[/quote] so true & so sad. Plenty of talent on this team…no coaching

I know you’re just going back to the old standards–the bash Nolan playbook, but who are all these athletes you’re talking about–the athletes who can run and jump but can’t shoot or dribble or pass?

Macon–not overly athletic. Shooter. Crafty driver. Mostly below the rim. Great FT shooter.

Barford–Not a big leaper. Strong. Not overly quick. Fast once he gets going. Crafty finisher. Mostly below the rim. Turned himself into a solid shooter. OK FT shooter.

Beard–Not very athletic. Short. Not a leaper. Not overly fast. Below average shooter. Average defender. OK FT shooter.

Gafford–Great athlete. Great finisher. Developing Post game. Good defender. Foul prone. Bad FT shooter.

Thompson–Overweight. Slow. Not a leaper. Plays below the rim. Good passer. A capable shooter who doesn’t shoot much at all.

CJ Jones–Great athlete. Can run and jump. As good a shooter as you will find when he’s hot. Too streaky. Poor ball-handler and defender.

Darious Hall–Good athlete. Good defender. Good leaper. Shot isn’t great but has been decent. Tons of upside.

Thomas–decent defender. Not a leaper. Weak finisher. Inconsistent shooter. Average FT shooter.

Bailey–athletic. Tweener. Not a shooter. Scrapper. Bad FT shooter.

Cook–decent defender. Not a leaper. Weak finisher. Not a shooter. Idk about FTs. Doesn’t go to line enough.

So, where are all these “roll out the basketball and win”, “run fast and jump high but can’t shoot or dribble or pass” players?

I see maybe 3 that arguably fit that stereotype. One is Hall and if you can’t see his potential then you probably shouldn’t be posting about basketball on a message board.

Jones is what he is right now–a guy who plays to provide shooting and offense off of the bench. Bailey is barely playing.

This just isn’t an overly athletic team. But, it’s a go-to bash on NR/MA so you’re breaking it out. He has no system. He just rolls the ball out. If he doesn’t have the better athletes he loses. He’s outcoached in every game they lose.

It’s all the same garbage you’ve posted over and over for years. It reminds me of the old baseball play by play by via ticker tape. You don’t even have to watch the game to have your take ready.

Just plug it in and go.

Jacorey Williams 2017 conference USA player of the year, Nick Babb Iowa State are Anderson guys that improved in a new environment.

Michael qualls and Moses Kingsley are two that immediately come to mind,without me having to think much, as players who dramatically improved during their time with Coach Anderson.

Hard to make that statement considering Babb wasn’t here long enough to conclude that he wasn’t progressing. Most college athletes improve by the time they are juniors and seniors. As for Cory, by all accounts he was doing well here and was expecting to have a great season until he fell off the wagon due to legal problems. You can’t infer that those two players wouldn’t have played well here as upperclassmen.

i think it is fairly obvious who the basketball players are on this team and who are solely athletes.

Macon, Barford, Beard, and Gafford are players. Hall could be one, needs to develop. the four position has been a weakness as far as having a dependable scorer/shooter. Baily can dunk, poor ball handler and a worse shooter unless it is a dunk. Thomas at rare times shows flashes, but consistent, no way. Cook the same. how many points did we get from the 4 last night? a bank in three by thomas. poor trey, they got him playing high post and screening for the guards. he hits a jumper or two at times but mostly a passer, and teams have cut off all the backdoor assists he had last year. CJ, i think if you looked up the word inconsistent his picture might be there. he did finally hit two threes last night but he cannot handle the ball, nor can he play defense. had one blocked, fell down once trying to catch a pass.

in comparison, it seemed everyone on florida’s team could score. at least their coach got the players in position to do what each player does best… spacing was good. does anyone listen to announcers and analysts? we cannot guard the drive. it was said over and over again. layups galore then kick outs to wide open shooters behind the line. we had short stretches where we actually played decent, but when it came time to get a stop, failure. cut it to 10, then in the blink of an eye, we were down 18 and game was over.

just fairly obvious what the problems are. i might shorten the bench and player a slower tempo in order to not be down double digits early in the game. we are short at least 1 guard, and a 4 that can score. did you see how florida played off of our fours last night? dare them to shoot, its what i would do. we need a true point badly. hopefully hill is the eventual answer there.

and lastly, this is the worst free throw shooting team i have seen in quite some time. Macon, Barford, Beard are consistent, but the rest? gotta recruit shooters.

maybe notorious its because a lot of us see the same thing over and over. i never bashed nolan’s style. nolan had shooters. williamson, thurman, beck, mcdaniel, bowers could even shoot, mayberry, day. the list goes on and on. in fact on his teams he usually fielded teams with only one defender/non shooter. there weren’t three or four of them on the floor at the same time. sorry i offend you, but lose by double digits, routs as most call them, well its hard to find superlatives .

i hope we find a way. i really do. if you are happy with the way the team is playing, say so, step up to the plate and say so. explain how a double digit loss was good. also explain how the announcers and analysts are so wrong with their comments about us. i guess they are all wrong also.

this team can still get on a roll. find the magic. i really hope they do and when i see it i will congratulate them and praise them to the high heavens. just am not seeing it right now. mercy lol

This is the function of a coach stubbornly sticking with a system that doesn’t work today (not Bielema hahaha) unless you have the best talent and HIGH BB IQ. We do not have the talent and only a few good BB IQ guys.

I am sick of it. I had hoped that Mike learned from the team cratering last year when he had to back off 100% commitment to the 90’s style. He made changes last year and it carried us into the NCAA. I can’t understand how he didn’t adapt for this year.

Forget the head coach for a minute and consider his staff. As is common with other teams you observe, you never see our assistants off the bench instructing the players in their areas of responsibility or observe them interact with the player once he leaves the floor. By the way, I’m trying to determine which coach has the experience or resumme that qualifies him to work with post players.

That’s easy.

Melvin Watkins:

http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/coach … n-watkins/

And you are not looking closely enough if you don’t see Cleveland, Thurman and Watkins providing instruction.

Albeit it isn’t as much as it used to be because of NCAA rules limiting activity to allegedly “protect” the refs

Has made several adjustments - be in on type of defense, pressing half-court, full-court or 3/4 court, on out of bounds plays, etc.

The problem is the adjustments have not worked consistently during the skid of the last 6 games. Have worked at times and Arkansas has crawled back - but the hole the Razorbacks have dug themselves in the first half has been too much.

Several guys are slumping offensively and it is carrying over to their intensity defense. There is no great true individual perimeter defender on this team - with Beard being the closest - but they certainly played better D during the 11-2 run than the have during the 1-5 one.

I hope Mike will let go of his stubborn pride and make more changes. He made changes last year and it took us on a great run, but then he got sensitive when fans were thanking him for making changes. Fans told him at events that they loved the shift to more zone with periodic traps because defense improved, the zone kept Moses and Trey under the basket so rebounding improved, the fouls were reduced because players were not out of position from traps, etc. Mike had sensitive responses when I was standing there at one and was told by others of the same issue at other club meetings.