We need a qb that has legs

Both story and Kelly are slow and have little escape ability. And our wide outs could not get open. I saw they played a lot of man and we ran no crossing routes. Other than running the ball we threw the ball poorly for the most part. Poor offensive game plan. Story was off all night. Why did it take themdo long to pull him. There’s a reason he didn’t play last year when Allen went down.

I agree. We better hope one of the FR QBs learns the playbook soon. I think our future at QB is in Mississippi. Doesn’t help that our WRs don’t get separation

We need a coach

We need a QB that throws with accuracy and a coach with the testicular fortitude to coach for a win.

How we got stuck with two 4.9 QBs is mindboggling.

Ty Storey looks plenty mobile to me. He has made several nice runs the last two games, and he has better mobility in the pocket than Kelley.

When people say Morris “should have coached to win”, what do you mean? If you mean he should have gone for it on 4th and 1, I agree.

Some seem to think we didn’t throw enough. We will need to throw to win many games this year. True enough.

But we actually threw TOO MUCH in the red zone especially if you ask me. Our passing was, excluding the toss to LaMichael, an abomination. We didn’t need to pass more to win THIS game.

They. Could. Not. Stop. Devwah. And we stopped giving him the rock in the red zone.

THAT was baffling.

this is accurate

We need alot more than a QB with legs.

Ty is light year’s faster on decisions, progressions and timing of his passes. Kelley is a suited for sand lot football if they could use a statue for QB. Kelley is NOT able to side step a rush or take a few quick steps away to extend the play. Ty can accelerate much quicker than Cole and that is an asset with blitzes. Ty can scramble or move up into the pocket better than Kelley.

We should have kept running the ball, quit worrying about trying to pass, and it would protect our defense. The offense is different with Kelley in the game because he is NOT a run threat, but Storey IS a run threat and the defense adjusts for Ty’s legs…or Kelley’s lack of legs. Kelley is NOT a threat to run so the defense can key on the pitch man.

we do not have a quarterback that is Power 5 talent. Ty is much better in a lot of areas but has no ability to implement a passing game. Kelley is very slow in everything he does. Both guys are not good and this is the worst quarterback play we have had in the 40 years I have been going to games. If you do not have a quarterback, you are dead.

DEAD and you are correct about the talent level.I’d take Robby Hampton right now and be thrilled.

QBs on one of the early 1990s teams was probably the worst.

Ty looked like a deer caught in the headlights last night after having what amounted to one great quarter the week before.

It was too early to announce him the savior.

QBs have to play better and more consistent, but this is not just on them.

27 points should have been enough to win that game even though the offense left lots of points on the field and gave up yards by not catching punts.

Not fielding the punts was a head scratcher. Even my wife asked, “Why didn’t he try to catch that?” I said, “I don’t rightly know.” He acted like they were inside the 10, but they weren’t.

Consider the defenses. Those running lanes are going to close a lot faster when SEC play begins.

There are many factors that play into this, but through two games Storey has run the offense at a much faster pace. Last week he averaged a snap every 22 seconds, compared to just shy of 28 for Kelley. Last night the ratio was 13 for Storey to 39 for Kelley.

We were trying to run time off the clock other than the last drive. And how many pucks did story throw? Kelly? Neither one of these guys is the answer. Period

I favor teams that run the option with QB that can keep, throw, and run. I say if we have one that can do that, freshman or not use him because we should be looking into the future. Not much to be had this year and next year.

I believe younger quarterbacks will play in coming weeks. But they have been up and down in practice. You do not want to play them before they can handle a game plan, even a small one.

It’s always about QB play. There hasn’t been a lot to get excited about in the passing game except for one quarter in each game.

Storey had open guys in first quarter and did not hit them. Kelley did not see some.

I do think Noah Gatlin and Austin Capps have a physical nature to help the offensive line.

I would not be surprised to see us go with some Wildcat since we have a so many RBs.