We need a celebrity coach, not an up and comer.

We need a celebrity coach, not an up and comer.

It boils down to recruiting. BB failed, not because of coaching, but recruiting. It took our own fanbase 2 years to figure out how to pronounce his name; even though in seven years at Wisc, he had 3 11-win seasons, 4 10+ win seasons and 3 B1G championships. Some of our own fans couldn’t pronounce his name in year 5. His B1G success didn’t help him here.

I contend that had Saban’s left Michigan St to take the Arkansas job, his record would have been about the same as BB. In the SEC, even a great coach looks bad when the players don’t have size and speed, and they cannot execute at a high-level.

Petrino could coach. He was a celebrity. However, mamas didn’t want their babies playing for the man. Petrino couldn’t beat out Bama, OU, LSU, A&M, etc for top recruits. After back-to-back top-10 seasons, his last recruiting class was only ranked 27.

We need a HC that players already know and want to come play for. We need a coach that doesn’t need 3-4 years to build Arkansas into a program where top-level out-of-state recruits want to play.

Which of our targets fit the bill?

Malzahn does, but should he win the SECC, he’s not coming.

Kiffin does, people say he has baggage, but it’s not Petrino type of baggage, is it? Isn’t it more arrogance and personality type baggage? Isn’t he a players coach? I’m asking because I’m really not sure.

Which others have the name to beat out A&M, Bama, OU and LSU for recruits from day one?

The problem is with the change of style probably going to take 6 years to be consistent. We are on the coach treadmill.

The 3 biggest name football coaches we have hired are:
Danny Ford
Bobby Petrino
Bret Bielema

'Nuff said

the ‘he has too much baggage’ line - We may wish we had him before this soap opera of a situation with Alexander Haig er Julie Peoples “IM IN CHARGE” is over

I don’t care if our next coach wins the news conference. We need one who wins on Saturday afternoon, and wins in kids’ living rooms in December and January.

Dabo Swinney was an interim hire after Tommy Bowden quit in midseason. Wasn’t even an up and comer. Wasn’t even an on-field coordinator; he was the WR coach and recruiting coordinator. His record as interim HC was 4-3, with a bowl loss. But he had a reputation as a great recruiter, Terry Don Phillips gave him the full-time gig, and the rest is history.

Change of style… offensively??

Well said, Swine. Dabo at Clemson and Kirby Smart at Georgia are great examples of hiring a sharp assistant. Is it luck or skill?. Probably a little of both.

The facts show that the teams that are consistently in the mix for championships are landing top 10-15 recruiting classes.

If the Hogs want to be in the mix for championships every year, they will have to find a coach that is proven to be able to do that, or gamble on one they hope can.

I’m fully convinced that is not possible at Arkansas. Nick Saban wouldn’t land top-15 classes consistently at UA. Neither would Dabo. Or Mark Richt. The main reason is that the in-state crop is so thin year in and year out. You draw a 150 mile circle around Clemson, you get the Atlanta area, most of SoCar, and western NoCar including Charlotte. Clemson has 49 SoCar kids on the current roster. You draw a 150-mile circle around Fayetteville, you get … Tulsa.

i understand the idea.

i get it .

makes sense.

Guys, you still don’t get it. Where you’re located is a factor. A coach like Kiffin can recruit the entire SEC region, and from California to Florida. Malzahn could do it. BB beat out the big boys, but not enough; he wasn’t a name coach in our region. Ford couldn’t do it. Petrino couldn’t do it.

Please check out the population radius tool. I’ll list some examples to get you started:

Population within 200 miles:

Fayetteville, AR: 9,469,253
Clemson, SC: 22,044,683
Athens, GA: 21,701,196
Auburn, AL: 16,046,717
College Station, TX: 22,739,131
Morgantown, WV: 25,248,530

Within 250 miles:
Fayetteville, AR: 13,572,773
Starksville, MS: 18,930,307
Tuscaloosa, AL: 22,299,610
College Station, TX: 25,053,224
Clemson, SC: 31,812,209
Auburn, AL: 21,920,885
Knoxville, TN: 33,291,287
Columbia, SC: 27,952,621

I didn’t have the exact numbers, but as I posted a few minutes ago in another thread, Clemson has Atlanta, Charlotte and Greenville-Spartanburg within 150 miles of campus. UA has NWA and Tulsa, and metro Little Rock doesn’t produce the talent it should. Which is why we’re not going to suddenly start landing top 10 classes no matter who we hire.

Exactly, Swine, but if we have a HC that can attract recruits for a normal Arkansas top-25 class from inside a 250 mile radius of Fayetteville, and add another 3 to 5, 4*-5* each year from outside the region, it can be enough to compete on a talent level with the advantaged programs.

Exactly, Swine, but if we have a HC that can attract recruits for a normal Arkansas top-25 class from inside a 250 mile radius of Fayetteville, and add another 3 to 5, 4*-5* each year from outside the region, it can be enough to compete on a talent level with the advantaged programs.

You’re talking about 12-20% of our recruits being 4-5* from outside our recruiting footprint?? Good luck finding anyone who can do that without cheating.

We obsess over someone who can recruit Texas. DFW is not within that 250 mile circle of campus. Houston is not within the 500 mile circle. I’m not sure where you’re going to find all these 4- and 5-stars inside that circle, especially since much of it is prime OU territory. New Orleans isn’t within the 500 mile circle either, and we’ve done rather well recruiting south Louisiana (which is why I think the new coach might just keep Michael Smith).

real good stuff.


hes our guy

Kiffin and Sumlin would be the best possible recruiters we could go get.

I’m ok with either.

Sumlin is interesting, could you get him at a discount and make two homerun coordinator hires?
Sumlin brought A&M a level of talent they weren’t used to. I have a friend who is an A&M fan and is pissed about the firing. “We have forgotten that we are texas A&M, we are not and never have been a dominant football program” he said, also talked about the talent and recruiting jump since Sumlin took over. Not to mention the record against Arkansas.

He’s now a few inches taller standing on his 10 M pay day.

Not only no, but hell no.

That’s exactly what I’m saying, but without the cheating… and realizing they might all be 4*.

Malzahn could do it because he’s been in the Auburn recruiting region for six years, he just beat #1 Bama and #1 UG, he’s already been in the NCG 2x, and his Auburn team is playing in the SECCG next weekend. Should he lose next weekend, and leave for Arkansas, he’ll get a few top recruits from outside our region.

Kiffin has ties to California. He’s in Florida now. He was the OC for Saban for three seasons, plus a Sugar bowl before his first full season, minus the NCG after his last season. He was recruiting in the Alabama region a year ago, and the three seasons prior.

If we’re serious about winning at a championship level, we have to recruit at a championship level. An up and comer cannot beat out Bama, LSU, A&M and OU enough. Even a multiple P5 championship level coach like BB from outside the region couldn’t recruit at that level. Petrino couldn’t do it. Only Malzahn and Kiffin can do it.

Norvell may be a great coach and recruiter, but he’s not going after SEC caliber recruits at Memphis. He’s not going to suddenly start beating out the big boys this late in the game.

Well said.

I might add that you are more inclined to be lucky with a hire if you are a program sitting on fertile rich recruiting soil.

Would like to think Kirby and Dabo could turn it on here just as fast, but everyone knows a harder recruiting area here. No insurmountable at all - but not built in like other top places.