We moved up in the uniform rankings this season

Our home uniforms are a huge improvement since we went to the shiny red helmets and DMac pants and jersey. Somebody finally listened to the fans asking to improve the uniform look. We now rank among the best looking SEC uniforms joining LSU, Ole Miss, and Georgia.

Now, the next order of business is to get the white version of the DMac uniforms for the road games and give those ugly white helmets and white tusk road uniforms to Goodwill. We can get a nice tax deduction for those. Then, we will finally have the uniform issue behind us and can move on to more important issues…such as finally winning an SEC game.

I wonder what Coach Musselman has in store for us this year in basketball? Surely, he got rid of the Mike Anderson era plain Janes from last year. I’m thinking tear-away jerseys for those victory celebrations.

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Even if Musselman wanted to change the uniforms, I don’t think he has had enough time. As I wrote this summer about the McFadden-era uniforms, Nike tells its clients to expect about an 18-month turnaround on uniform requests. That’s why the baseball team was stuck with two uniforms after the Georgia equipment manager ruined theirs in 2018. There just wasn’t time to get new ones made, even with a rush order.

So if there are new basketball uniforms this year, chances are they were designed while Anderson was still the coach.

With all due respect, design and manufacturing time is not the issue. There are other motives involved in the 18 month delay between design and retail availability.

Maybe, maybe not. Nike is the manufacturer for no telling how many thousands of professional, college, high school and other teams in dozens of sports worldwide. I’m sure there is a backlog of requests like we can’t even imagine.


Fashion manufacturers can crank this stuff out incredibly fast if they so desire. The fact is, they do not “so desire” in these cases. The question is why…