We move up 1 spot in NET

Up to 14th. Sure doesn’t feel like an 8 seed.

Other metrics:

BPI 12th
KPI 15th
SOR 35th
Sagarin 12th
Kenpom 15th
Torvik 14th.

I think all six of those improved after yesterday.

Of note: Sagarin assesses home court as worth 3.04 points. We lost by three. A neutral court draw (or OT).

Correct the loss didn’t hurt us. PlYing Bummer close seemed to help. Think we got a good chance at the Vols. They are struggling offensively and have some injuries as well. It will be tough, but I think we can win.

James came back yesterday and scored 18. Phillips has been close, so it’s a good possibility he goes against us. Not sure on Key, but the timing on an ankle suggests that he could go too.

Even if they come back they won’t be 100%. Took Nick Smith a few games to get into playing shape again.

A lot went in to Saturday. Can they play as hard or as tough? It looked to me like a great effort. Won’t be easy to replicate on a short turnaround between road games.


That depends. It didn’t James. He scored 18 yesterday.

Vols are not the Tide. Yeah they beat them and we didn’t. But the Vols has struggled this this season scoring, same as us. Their defense is very good, same as ours. I expect a low scoring game. Think Nick Smith will be the difference maker.

I think we will be a 6 seed.

I would take a #6 seed in a heartbeat