We missed our 12th man!

I’m talking about the 15,000 to a sell-out that puts a little extra get up and go in your step. Not enough

Croud support as our goverment is slowly giving our country away.

Next are we practicing over at the new practice facility all the time? It sure sounds like the rim is too tight or too soft. SO we are not getting those famous RUNS! Going for 12-0 runs, 25-0 runs or whatever that number might be.

Anything you might add?

No more than any other home team misses it’s fans.

No home field advantage this year. Win or lose on your own merits & without any 12th man.

Dont think the 12th man can make layups, free throws and shoots better than 27%, or get assists and rebounds for us.
We forced 20 turnovers which is usually what the 12th man helps with.

I agree. We have one of the greatest home court advantages in basketball.

Our fans have helped get team going hundreds of times and may have been missed today.

So we broke even then! Pearl whips the Auburn crowd into a frenzy from tip off til final buzzer.

A crowd doesn’t make up for not yet recruiting physical 3-5 spots at all.

Or hit baskets.

But playing in front of 20k can help a home team and has before.

I don’t understand why we can’t consistently recruit big men. Nolan had a good run of 5-7 years but that was our best run in recruiting Bigs. We don’t have the so called playing time issues anymore so we need to fill that spot every year. I have all the confidence in Muss but he needs to hit a home run this year with a BIG man at the 4 or 5 spot.

Anything wrong with Portis-Kingsley-Gafford?

J. Williams will get stronger. So will Connor! It’s a bad game let it go.

razorback339…good to hear from you. How is your recovery going?

Agree with that. That is just one loss and just the first loss.

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razorback339…good to hear from you. How is your recovery going?

Well LDhog thanks for asking. The knee doctor for the Razorbaccks replaced my first knee replacement that was the wrong size. This has beeen a almost 4 year journey. The Dr at River Vally in Ft smith put in the wrong knee size. I tortured myself for a year and a half trying to make it work. It kept hurting and hurting. I would tell little old ladies after being ask "Well son have your done your exercises " At about this time Brenda would put her hand on my lap and shake her head, as if to say NO MIKE! LOL BYW I worked out 6 hours a day very hard. 2 hours exrcise , 2 hours rest. Repeat that 2 more times. EVERY day.

So I had a second knee put in by Dr Arnold. And I’ll be calling Dr tommrow. Something bad is wrong with my right knee. Then my meniscus blew up (on my other leg) standing on just that leg for 12 years. Now you talk about pain, I’m standing on 2 toothpicks.

Broken lower back and 5 bulging disk.
Then from falling off a roof 27 feet back in 1998 and a metal titanium plate put in my keck (vertebrae 4,5,6) and vertebrae #2 they did nothing about.

I’m sorry but I have no ideaa how people get well in 2-3 weeks. Dr arnold said I was differant and osteoporosis & arthritis sure hinders me healing.

I haven’t checked my prostate in a few years. Just a basket case. With tremors it is very hard for me to concenterate and type a really good answer . Even for just a response here on HI. SO I MADE myself to respond when I usually just pass.

Again thaks for asking

Happy new year to all !

Dang Mike…tough brother. Prayers for relief from pain.

Texas blew out Kansas at Allen Fieldhouse. Bill Self said it would not have made a difference with a full house. But it generally does.

I think a big crowd also effects officials in many cases. They are humans and they do change how they call for the home crowd. They should not but I think they do.

Spot on Clay.

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