We miss Kevin Kopps

He might have been our Saturday or Sunday starter.

I don’t disagree that Arkansas misses him this year, but he wasn’t going to be the third starter. The SEC weekend rotation was set as soon as Blaine Knight said he was coming back last July. Those are clearly the three best starting pitchers on this team, even if Isaiah Campbell is struggling right now. That’s why he remains in the rotation and why he’ll still be a high pick in the draft this summer.

Kopps reminds me a little bit of Randall Fant in that he has an off-speed pitch that is almost unhittable the first time through the lineup, but gets figured out a lot in his fourth and fifth inning. He was used some as a starter last year in the midweek and out of necessity in the postseason, but I see him more as a reliever. I don’t think he went more than 3 1/3 innings in any of his five starts last year. He lasted three innings in the SEC Championship Game against LSU and two innings against Missouri State in the all-night regional game.