We miss Frank Broyles

Not the coach, although we miss him that way, too. But we miss Broyles the AD who knew how to spot & hire great talent. Morris is obviously a good man. He didn’t come here intending to fail. I feel for the guy. However, unless the talent is so bad that Vince Lombardi assisted by Bear Bryant, Nick Saban, & Bud Wilkinson couldn’t win with it, it’s probably time to make a change—and I just hate the instability a 2 year carousel is going to give us.

But who could we hire? The top talent can’t find us appealing. Norvell has made Memphis a better job. And how can we afford the buyouts? But how can we afford to bleed donors & ticket revenue?

I don’t pretend to have answers. I’m very close to giving up.

Coach Broyles in some ways is why we are here. He acquiescenced to the hire of nutt. Then when nutt knew he was going to have two bad years promised him a 2 year pass then forced Gus onto nutt to acquire the Springdale 5. Oh he fired Nolan hires heath then left Dana with a mess to go play golf and hired pelphrey. Coach put us in sec instead of us being in the aac right now but not much else

Completely disagree! Broyles has nothing to do with state of football program today!

Broyles wanted to hire Tuberville, not Nutt. John White called that shot. Broyles had Bill Self lined up, but again John White had a committee & it hired Heath.

I have no idea what all occurred in the Broyles-Nutt-Malzahn-Springdale 5 fiasco, but if Broyles had some blame to bear in that, he was hardly alone. Fans & parents didn’t help, either.

You don’t see the spiral Broyles put us on with the Gus fiasco and fan unrest which led to his removal and Jeff long, well I can’t help you

If you think that was all on Broyles, I can’t help you. If you think that led to all this, I can’t help you, either. You might as well blame Barnhill for hiring Broyles. Good gosh, man. First you whiff on basic facts about the hiring of Nutt & Heath & now you think something 20 steps ago brought us to this. Sheesh.

Frank built a program with vision and high expectations. No excuses.

Where is that now?

State also produced better high school talent. I honestly don’t think there is but 4-6 kids in entire state than can play sec ball

I always thought that if nutt had embraced the hire of f Gus, it would have changed everything, outside looking in, it appears there was slot of pettiness going on, that was beyond Franks control. He did not hire heath either, and Nolan quit years before he was finally fired, he needed to go.

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I agree with that. Nutt should have embraced Gus’s hire. And Gus should have been more gracious in the way he dealt with Nutt as the HC. Broyles might, might have made a mistake by suggesting (or insisting) Nutt hire Gus, but it wasn’t just Gus we thought we needed. There were 5 Springdale players the entire fanbase thought were absolutely essential for us to sign. That whole fiasco caused problems, but there’s no way it has caused any of the problems we have today.

Petrino was hired following Nutt’s dismissal. In his 3rd & 4th years we went to the Sugar Bowl & won the Cotton Bowl. His motorcycle wreck started the downward problem, but BP didn’t make us hire CBB. And nobody knew CBB would totally bail on the program.

It’s absurd to put any of our current problems on Frank Broyles.