We may not get another opportunity like that...

Watching the Hogs is such a love hate thing.

Couldn’t ask for a better situation

Hate to say it but that might have done it.

DVH fell in love with the power hitting and refused to sacrifice in some key situations this weekend. It was a better year than I expected going in.

I feel the same way. We never can win the big ones. Must be sometime in our psyche. I posted before that the Dem Gaz says that we have played for 13 SEC championships in major sports (FB, BB and baseball) and won 1. :frowning:

We have very good athletics programs but not great ones. We are not at the championship level as an overall athletic program. Track and CC are the exception but they don’t really win at the national level (guys) anymore either.

Baum Stadium and Fayetteville all made a bunch of money in brand value during this regional. The announcers were enamored with us and other ESPN personalities stated very positive things as well. The crowd shots were amazing and impressive. The hog pen was impressive on TV.

If a recruit was watching this regional then they came away with much more respect for our Hogs.