We May Determine the Heisman Winner

After Fournette torched the Black Bears this past weekend. If he has a good game against Bama, us & Florida, then I think he gets some serious consideration by the voters. He’s the best offensive football player in the country when healthy. He’s a special talent, a bigger DMAC. He’s got a finishing schedule to help his base, if he produces against these last 4 teams.

I hope we keep him from winning it, but our D better get it together. We’ve played him well the last two years. But with the coaching changes in Baton Rouge, I think we’ll have trouble stopping him & LSU’s offense.

I do not think anyone catches the Louisville quarterback. Fournette missed too many games. I’m one of his biggest fans. But I think Lamar Jackson is going to win it.

Yup, Louisville upcoming schedule pretty favorable to say the least. Fournette not even in the ballgame.

Not being in the Heisman running won’t stop him fro rushing for over 300 yards on us. I don’t think he will have a particularly good game against Bama though.

I’m not slighting Fournette in the least, the facts are he has carried the ball 83 times this year for 670 yds. Few carries due to the injury, but 8 yds. a pop. Just saying he is not in the Heisman picture. We’ll be watching Mr. Fournette next year on Sundays. :sunglasses: