We made it and motivated some big Chinese spending

all medals awarded and we did top the Golds despite the Chinese govt goal and motivation


I doubt the Chinese people see how many medals the US won…


I wonder if the ROC has the same athletes that got caught at doping for Russia?

Host nations almost always do very well. One exception was Lake Placid 1980. The only US gold medalists there were Eric Heiden (he won five) and the hockey team.

Although, looking back on it, there were only 37 events in Lake Placid. Heiden himself was third on the gold medal list for entire nations. There will be a lot more than 37 events in Beijing in six months; the planned number is 109.

The hockey gold was one for the ages.

No, the athletes that competed for ROC were never caught doping. IOC felt they should not be penalized because their country did something wrong. That is why they allowed them to compete,

Although everyone suspects they were all doped at one time or another and just didn’t get caught.

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