We lost Brandon Burlsworth today

18 Years ago today

Yes, I plan to talk to Marty Burlsworth later this afternoon. That’s going to be my column for in the morning.

Seems like yesterday…

I’m really proud of the movie “Greater”. I’ve had many people that I work with and around who aren’t Razorback fans that saw the movie and commented about Brandon. Most know that I’m a Hog fan; few know we shared the same hometown. I’m proud to say that we did. One of them asked me about his high school coach, Coach Tice, and asked if he was really like that. I think the movie did a really good job on his character. Coach Tice was tough on us but we knew he loved us too.

He remains my fav Razorback of all time

Great Story, Great Movie, Great Player, Great Razorback, Great Man.
RIP Brandon,

We all can learn much from Brandon especially his relationship with the Lord