We lose all these guys ?


That’s a lot of our talent
Rebuild next year?

I expect Kopps to be back next season and think there is a chance Plunkett, Loseke, Reindl and Campbell could return. McKinney wants to pitch for Arkansas next season, but that will depend on how well his arm holds up after the second Tommy John.

There are a number of good bats returning. The question mark in 2019 is going to be on the mound.

I remember reading about this yr signing class and DVH said he signed 12 at all of them could make an impact so we will see.

There needs to be some pitching that comes in this next class that can have an immediate impact!

https://247sports.com/college/arkansas/ … -110859950

There are a lot of arms in the 2018 class and not many of them are draft risks. The key is going to returning some experienced upperclassmen and developing some of the pitchers who were not asked to do as much this year. You don’t want to rely too heavily on freshmen, otherwise the staff wears out by the end of the season. That was a large part of why the 2016 season ended the way it did.

Good chance we lose Lee as well.

We just have to win it all so the rebuilding is less painful…

Are we expecting the loss of any more signees besides Breaux? Not counting surprise draft slots (Who had Kyler Murray in the top 10!?!?)

Do you think Bonnin and Bolden are guys that have the talent to develop into weekend starters with a strong summer and fall?

I don’t think any other signees will get money they can’t refuse. That doesn’t mean one or two won’t opt for whatever they are offered. I think Beasley may opt to go pro.

The ones to watch are some of the current guys…Campbell and Lee specifically because they have leverage.

In addition to Beasley, one signee to watch is Steven Sanchez, a 6-7 lefty out of Illinois. Scouts like big lefties that can throw it like he does.


do you think the quick hooks might hurt Campbell in the draft?


I think players are drafted more on potential than stats, so I don’t think the short starts hurt him a lot. Campbell has shown the potential, but he has a year of leverage left because of the injury last year. I’ve heard he is interested in coming back to the program, so if he goes undrafted today or early tomorrow it will be more because he priced himself out than played himself out.

The scouts love his stuff. Baseball America had him rated the No. 73 prospect going into the draft.

If Campbell comes back there’s your Friday night starter if he is healthy! I don’t think he ever truly got healthy this year!

He must be rather smart.