We look tired

And they are shooting 92%

Yes. We look exhausted. Making mistakes we don’t normally make. T will surely cool off as the game progresses, but I’m not sure we have it today. If we’re as tired as we look, I’d just as soon lose & save some strength for next weekend. I’d rather be on top of our game next weekend than today.

They played hard yesterday. I’d be surprised if they weren’t tired.

Definitely out of gas. Just don’t have the energy to play and Tennessee is shooting lights out. It is obviously easier to shoot when you are unguarded.

Why are we tired?

If they were shooting 45% from the field they would have about 7 less baskets. We are very tired and the refs are letting UT be physical but Not us. At first look, They are killing our man defense, they are hurting our zone BUT the reality is they are just shooting out of their minds. They are making 16-19 with some under pressure.


And they are shooting 92%

[/quote]100% of 3 point shots. This game is over by half time. It only a matter of how many points they beat us. My guess is somewhere between 10 and 40.

Our bench is not producing at all.

3 games in 42 hour span is tough

I don know if we are tired or what, but we looked real bad today. I wonder if Tenn will be tired tomorrow?

If Tenner had played 3 games in the last 3 days they would have been tired also.

I am going to recommend you to Mike to have you lead the run up the Cleveland Hill during off-season conditioning this summer.

Set behind Arkansas bench and they were giving every ounce they had left. Tennessee can’t shoot that good in practice. Just there day and they played great.

Tough day in St Louis what more can one say we got beat by the better team today. Our team has a lot to be proud of and we’re not done playing yet ! WPS

The win over Florida wrecked our legs but we should be proud of our season.

It ain’t over yet…

If we end up as a six and play the winner of one of the play-in 11 games that extra day of rest could really be key. Although some of the winners of those play-in games have done well, those teams are still playing on one day’s poor rest with travel from Dayton to the game site, and only one day to prep for us. There will be a really good chance to get into one of those team’s legs.

I look at the NCAAT as an extension but I agree.