We look sluggish

We really look terrible in first 10 minutes. Weak hands, can’t handle anything. Nada D. Look just overly relaxed.

14 points in 10 minutes is a tragedy

Im listening but it sounds like the roadrunners are taking it to us. Can 22 be shown Jimmy Counce film and ask him to play that way?? Gabe has no offensive skill worth using.

Fans and coaching staff are BEGGING these guys to get it together.

This is what happens when you go a week without playing. Being outrebounded is what bothers me. The shots will start falling.

As usual Isiah is our offense in 1st half.

Joe made 4 3’s and Desi comes off the bench and provides some scoring. The defense woke up and the hogs made a little 3 minute run. We need Gafford to come alive.

The Hogs need to put together a good run. They are in a dangerous position, much like the WKU game.

They sure need a little run now. Anything can happen when you let a team hang around.

Wish that I could see or at least listen to the game. From the WHS writeup, it sounds (looks) like Gafford and Chaney should be playing together more often. (I think that the latter comment was made several weeks ago by others on this board.)

Refs are just horrible.

Gafford and Chaney play well together and it forces the opponent to double Gafford less.

Just reading the updates are painful.

Reading the updates should make us all realize did how out of date Verizon arena is when it comes to being able to provide TV coverage of games. Typical poor planing by those whom should have made better decisions. Lots of cash lost by the capitol city and surrounding area by not hosting more events.

Our young hogs grew up a little tonight.
They made free throws and finally played defense. Chaney showed out a littlle. Desi Sills will be a big part of this team.
Joe can flat fill it up and once big Daniel Gafford gets it going he is hard to stop.
Good win and I’m glad they had to fight for it.

Response: I’m sure Mike and coaching staff recognizes Chaney strengths at the four position playing along with Gafford. Bailey really need to be able to knock down that short jumper at the elbow of the key, and move to the 3 slot he is too undersized trying to play the 4 slot…

All the Jimmy Counce films were burned the day we went to a shot clock.

It’s not Verizon’s fault.

Arkansas chooses to not take on the cost of doing games there.

UALR was fine with doing it when they played there.

Verizon has a lot of events. I go to a lot of them.

But they only have one basketball game now that UALR plays on their own campus.

I thought I read somewhere yesterday that it was the last game at “Verizon” Arena. If that’s true, does the new owners have an interest in updating?

it won’t be Verizon Arena after Dec. 31.

It will be Simmons Bank Arena.

Ownership of the building is not changing. The naming rights are all that will change.

Verizon is fine for TV if you were bringing in outside trucks, such as they did for the NCAA subregional there several years ago. But it’s not set up for what SEC Network needs or wants, and there’s no reason to spend the millions of dollars that would take for one game a year. You don’t need to bring in trucks for a BWA game; everything is there. We choose to play in NLR, and that’s one of the consequences of doing that. Just like playing in WMS has its own consequences.