We’ll never a find a coach as good

as Mike Anderson, they said

Mike had never had a losing season, they said

Thank you coach Muss for seeing what Arkansas is and should be and not accepting low expectations


Only you, on a night like this, needs to prove someone wrong to feel good. So sad for you.


Dang man…let’s just be HAPPY!


Couldn’t be happier. We’re not settling for low expectations any longer. It’s beautiful

C’mon man was your axe that dull…

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Don’t worry be happy!

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Why bring Mike into this at all? I was happy for the success that he had at St. John’s this year. He walked into a huge mess in Queens.



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It isn’t about Mike. It is about the mindset that we should accept mediocrity. Many people thought we should have kept Mike around and have been happy with making the tourney occasionally and not having a losing record. To quote Brian Bennet from The Athletic:

They were rarely ever bad under Stan Heath, John Pelphrey and Mike Anderson, going to 10 NCAA Tournaments and three NITs in the past 22 years while averaging nearly 19 wins per season. Yet they could never recapture the glory days of Nolan Richardson either; in Ken Pomeroy’s program rankings, covering the 1997 to 2020 seasons, Arkansas checked in at No. 48. For a power-conference team with its resources, that’s smack dab in middle earth.

That is what I am talking about. We should have been striving for more over the past 25 years. Thankfully, now we are.

I tend to agree with you hog2009. I like and respect Mike. A change benefited him and the hogs. We did have debates here over whether we could do better than Anderson or Morris. Some said let them recruit and build. Change would take years. I think we know who won those debates.

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