We know what Aaron Rodgers likes to drink

Wow, I had to double check who made this post Richard. I thought it had to be Dudley, not you. :laughing:

Well obviously I’m not a BL guy but I thought it was funny to see Aaron in the back of a pickup with the BL. Dud is Mr. BL.

I couldn’t see for sure what brand of beer, but if it were Bud Light, with some good Wisconsin beers available I see why Brady kicked his tail! Give me a Leinenkugel or even an Old Style over a Bud Light.


that’s a good point. Drinking Bud in the home state of Miller. yikes! not to mention the 100 great local beers there.

Lakeside Brewery is awesome, next time you’re in Milwaukee, it’s a must-go. Friday night fish fry and polka there is top shelf.


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