We just just got held

by Beard with pistols up. If we pull off Beard after a NC game it will be stunning.

I hope we don’t go after anyone that has been mentioned.

Another amazing get somewhere, (none mentioned are amazing IMHO) or go find a young, relatable guy, successful guy somewhere.

I can’t believe we are in this spot. Just stunning itself.

Really? So you say NO to Greg Marshall or Thad Matta?

Just curious.

3 final fours between those two coaches. just sayin’

WE get it. You post this in a lot of threads.

No, I would have rather had Marshall way before now than have him now. Thad Matta, no thanks. Rather have a young guy with upside than reruns.


Well, okay. FWIW, Matta is 51, three years younger than Musselman.

a pipe dream to think we could get beard, and after his teams win yesterday, even more remote. time to get off the pot HY. get us a coach…

I have never seen a situation where waiting to go after your apparent No. 1 choice has fans upset.


I guess HY should have just gone after low hanging fruit, got a guy quickly and everybody would have been happy, huh?

It tough as a fan when we don’t know who to complain about.

if i thought we had a chance at beard, i would feel differently. nowhere have i seen any indication that he would strongly consider us. even you dudley, said he wasn’t interested at one time.

tell me things have changed and i would think differently.

has there been any indication from his agent he is remotely interested in us?

Agree Dudley. I am very glad some of these guys are not in charge of the coach hire. Small minded, non-strategic thinking abounds on this board quite often. This is a highly complex process, and can take many different paths before it ends. You guys need to realize that and quit jumping the gun on criticizing HY. Ridiculous.

So I guess we move to Monday and see what happens. Looking like a very long shot. Unless we get contacted that we might need to move on before Monday.

I guess Tuesday Wednesday should be interesting if we still don’t have a coach.

I think it is just because there is nothing in our history that supports we break open the bank and get who we actually want. UA history shows we “kinda” open the bank, get our target a raise at his current school, and then hope to catch lightening in the bottle.