We just don't have talent like bigs

It is not coaching or scheme.

They don’t have high talent in afraid

I disagree. We had 3 turnovers that changed this game. We failed to score on the goal line. That’s the whole ball of wax. Should have been up 28-7 at the half. Defense let two long runs by the QB gouge them because players were out of place. Chalk it up to a not taking care of the ball.

Our Oline is a weakness, but I think we just played against an Oline and especially a Dline that will match Bama. I was surprised at how good A&M’s Oline was. Their Dline is feakish and high performing. We need better quality players and it all comes down to recruiting. I know that CBB has improved our talent but we need to close on some higher quality talent to close out this signing class.

The defense getting gassed in the second half puts into doubt whether we could have held on even if we hadn’t squandered so many points inside the two-yard line. Not that I wouldn’t like to have seen what a difference a shot of adrenalin might have made if we had punched in that score tied at 17.

Our see-foot-aim-and-shoot tendencies against the Aggie is frustrating, but in the end they looked like the better team. It seemed like they had a few players on both sides of the ball that had a burst that nobody on our team has. Our guys played a gutsy game and could have taken them to the wire again if not for a few maddening plays.

Same posts every time we lose. It isn’t true but people just repeat it.

We don’t have as much talent as (fill in the blank) then we either win or play them tough.

We’ve won like 10 of 13 against monster competition. But, we lost a game, so we lack talent.

Every team has holes. We just know about ours.

But talent had nothing to do with fumbles, play calls, missed assignments, etc.

We have some depth issues in certain spots.

Every team does.

Then we have a guy we really needed get tossed on a moronic play.

Do we need more talent? Sure.

But the same, tired lines that we don’t have even close to the talent of our opponents just isn’t true.

I have no doubt I will convince no one that believes we lack talent that we do.

It’s like convincing a Democrat to say anything positive about Trump or a Republican to say anything positive about the Clintons.

It just won’t happen. It’s the same line of thinking over and over and over regardless of the fact we have largely disproven it for the last few years.