We just aren't hitting

We are missing plenty of opportunities to blow these games open

Its still early. I think Murph may be getting dialed in a little bit, and also we’re just taking the walks at the moment. Bats gonna start heating up here any minute, I’m predicting. :smiley:

Maybe we can hit this guy!

You sound just like my brother. I won’t go to a game with my brother.

I know it’s still early, but, it’s almost like last night. We are getting on base with walks and hit batsman. Our offense still is making good contact. Still a lot of weak contact or swing and Miss.

Our guys look tight at the plate. It’s frustrating to be leaving so many stranded runners.

Are the pitchers this good? Are they getting fooled on the pitches?? Strikeouts starting to accumulate.

You won’t go to a game with me for telling the truth!! Lol we aren’t hitting the ball what else can you say no other way to spin it

Its true, OSU isn’t gonna roll over, leaving runners on base is gonna catch up. 1 thru 4 is really struggling now

Exactly we can’t even make contact.m making us look silly.

Yeah they’re making us look silly we can’t even make contact

OSU playing sound baseball at the plate with the bunts.

Yeah you got to be able to execute the fundamentals some games

But here we come with the bats