We jumped 4 spots to #4 in RPI

Following tonight’s win per Warren Nolan right after the game. I suppose that can change again before tomorrow night, but it’s good to see this. Now if we can duplicate this pitching performance tomorrow (a rather hard task, I admit), we can really help ourselves. Our hitting wasn’t bad tonight, but again we couldn’t seem to score. Surely we won’t leave 13 stranded tomorrow. Tired of leaving runners on 3rd. At least we’re getting them there. Maybe we can start getting them in.

This was a great win tonight! No doubt about it. It’s hard to imagine that tomorrow’s game will be another 5 to 1 type game. But hey, who would have thought that tonight!!
Very impressive team effort tonight. Pitching was outstanding and what can you say about Loseke except nothing short of brilliant!
We have got to stop leaving so many on base! We need to score when we have runners on base, especially in scoring position. 10 hits are impressive and looks good on the stat sheet, but you got to convert those into runs. I know the guys are trying, maybe trying too hard. Pressing a little. I believe it will come around though.
Bottom line is that we got the win. A win over a very stout TT team. Very impressive!

Stranding the runners are bad but the the runners stranded at 3rd when they got there with less than 2 outs are the one that really hurt! That’s the one there is no excuse for.
Getting the pitching performance tonight from Loseke was amazing. He just came after hitters and got it done. A repeat tomorrow. Iffy would be nice. The RPI may change some by tomorrow but not much.
A win tomorrow would help with the regional seed if the hogs can win a few series down the stretch to close out the season.
The hogs missed Martin and Shaddy tonight and you could tell it.

This is something I identified as a worrisome trend two weeks ago. I’m glad we got the win, but - frankly - we were very, very fortunate that we got the pitching performance we did out of Loeske tonight. Tech will not be held under 7 or 8 runs many nights, and we had multiple opportunities to score 8-10 runs ourselves (once again!) tonight, and (once again!) failed.


I’m very happy we won, and I congratulate the team on the win. I’m NOT trying to be Debbie Downer here, but I’m still very concerned about how poor we are (in the past 3-4 weeks) at pushing across runners in scoring position. Even in our “small ball” years, we seemed more efficient at getting runs in, IF we ever got anyone on.

The issue now is that it’s in our heads - where, it will remain until we have a couple of good games back to back in which we hit about .450 with runners ins scoring position. You know - like we did the entire first month of the season (or so it seemed).

I really believe, as one other poster said, that all we need is one clutch hit in one of those situations and the players will relax at the plate and hit like they are capable. But we’ve got to get that one big hit, and right now, I’m not sure whom we can count on getting it. It may very well come from someone unexpected.