We interrupt the regularly scheduled coaching speculation

To remind you what happened 25 years ago tonight.

Corliss Williamson scored 23 points and Scotty Thurman stuck a three-pointer from the right wing you might have seen a time or two, in a building that no longer exists about 140 miles west of where I’m sitting.

Arkansas 76, Duke 72. National champions. Never thought I’d see it. Hope maybe someday I’ll see it again.

Swine, I NEVER get tired of seeing it or being reminded of it! That was glorious!!!

Sure wished we could do it again before I get too blasted old .

Your greatest post of all time!

We knew we were going to be very, very good in 1993-94, coming off a Sweet 16 team with a bunch of underclassmen. I still have my Blue Ribbon yearbook for that season, and IIRC it picked us to go to the Final Four, maybe to win it all.

But stuff happens. We should have been better in 1991 than in 1990, but we blew a 12-point halftime lead in the Elite Eight against Kansas. Mike Boschetti got clipped. U.S. Reed got tripped. Jon Brittenum hurt his shoulder. Ron Calcagni got facemasked. Carson Shaddy didn’t catch the popup. Something always happened to keep us from reaching the mountaintop. But on this night, just when you expected things to turn to guano, Thurman stuck a three and Chris Collins’ rushed three at the other end rimmed out.

Stoerner stumbled. Had we won that game we would have drilled MSU—still should have won but our kicker decided to get a DWI and was suspended. It changed the playcalling quite a bit—not to mention the hangover from the 2nd most devastating loss in program history.

Can probably add the Reggie Fish debacle that followed Urban Meyer’s luckiest, dumbest trick play call in SEC history. It’s all so sad.

We weren’t gonna win the NC in 2006 even if we beat Florida; Trindon Holliday took care of that the preceding week at WMS, that and getting waxed by USC in the opener.

And we can’t forget Toby Bailey having the game of his freaking life and Corliss getting manhandled by George Zidek 52 weeks later, in another building which no longer exists.

You’re absolutely right about Stoerner. If the kicker stays sober we beat the Leghumpers, win the West and maybe beat Tennessee in the rematch.

I was at that Final Four Swine and just behind and above Scotty when he took the shot. When it first left his hand I thought, he missed it left off the front or top of front rim and then I kid you not the ball bent back right and through the bucket!!! I was staying at the team hotel (got to ride team buses over and back) and that night, I remember partying in the lobby with Big O, John Thompson was there and some other big time coaches (I think maybe Roy Williams) but can’t recall for sure as I lost a few brain cells since then. I remember getting 2 hours sleep and barely making my flight. Really no clue why I even went to bed! Was one of my best nights and most glorious moments ever - aside from the birth of my children and my marriage!!!

Side bar - was incredibly lucky to be able to stay at the team hotel due to connections. In addition was able to ride over and back on 1 of the 3 team buses. Our bus was the first one of the three that pulled up to the hotel. As the doors opened there had to have been 20 TV station camera lights come on as we started departing the bus. There were a TON of Hog fans and we were going nuts and taking it in until the realized we were just part of the basketball party, cut the cameras and ran to the third bus lol. Short lived fame but man it was a great night to be a part of!

Sure hope we have a similar level of excitement at the end of this coaching search as we did at the end if the Championship game, i.e. Instead of close, but no cigar.