We interrupt the regularly scheduled Chris Beard lovefest

Classic case of not knowing what you’re talking about.

He is doing it with his recruits.


It’s idiotic. Beard is a great coach. But, our insiders have repeatedly told us he had no interest in coming here—not just that he really likes TTech—that he has ZERO intention of coming here.

That’s why it’s idiotic. If you think MA should be fired and replaced, that’s fine. That argument can be made (although I think MA has done a good but not great job and should be retained unless you have a clear upgrade locked up).

But, to continually dredge up a coach who doesn’t want to come here (because he’s the current up and comer and very briefly coached in the state) is jump dumb.

2d year coach. Wait and see!

Our insiders once posted that Jeff Long wasn’t getting fired, then was unemployed within 24 hours.

Sorry if I don’t take their words as gospel.

Also, if you got a problem with the subject of the thread, take it up with the person who started the thread.

This. I am not a big MA fan. That said, I am in favor of at least one more year, for lots of reasons, 2 of which are: 1. As Notorious states, stupid to make a change unless you have a home run hire lined up and I just don’t see any of those out there. I am not an AD so I well could be wrong, but I don’t see anyone who I would consider a home run hire. 2. This team is very young. It has been hot and cold, but that goes with being young. Next year that won’t really be a good excuse. Lets see what next year brings.

Isn’t Beard on his second year with Texas Tech?

#3 General, year 1 was a disappointment. 18-14 no NCAA, of course last year Elite 8.

College record including this year 167–59 (.739)\t
He even coached one year in the American Basketball Association for the South Carolina Warriors, result 29-2.
They did lose in the finals.

What Beard has done at Texas Tech is unprecedented. He’s a candidate for all the top jobs, whenever they come open. No doubt.

Don’t you wonder what exactly makes a basketball coach capable of making Texas Tech a top 10 team + winning 30 games at UALR of all places?

What makes him so successful where so many others failed? Well, we really do not know what his future at Texas Tech might be. James Dickey had a T-Tech team that won 30 games and reached the top 10. The school went on probation not long after that. So much for Dickey’s run.

The Red Raiders went through Bob Knight, Pat Knight, Billy Gillispie and Tubby Smith. Their teams were mostly competent but never great.

I admire what Beard has done at Lubbock and Little Rock. Very impressive run. He’s in a tricky situation now. Can he take this act that worked at lesser schools and make it work at a super high-profile school where they expect excellence? If he stays in Lubbock, can he sustain success, or will the overall Big 12 talent overwhelm him in the long run? I hope he stays at T-Tech and builds a real franchise. Don’t want to see him blow up after reaching too high.

Remember Beard had the UNLV job for about a week until TTech came open, then dropped the Strip for the High Plains because he wanted to be in West Texas. Like Mike Neighbors, he’s where he wants to be and it would IMO take a massive offer to pry him out of there. But that massive offer may be forthcoming from somebody.

You’re right about Dickey. Looks like he needed some Will Wade tactics to get players to Lubbock. You wonder if Beard has to do the same thing, or if they care if he does. LSU fans sure don’t seem to care.

2009 please bump the thread where our insiders said that about Long. Seriously you have a great ability to bump threads from way back to remind posters of their mistakes…

I would like to see that Long is not going to get fired thread as well.

I don’t think that was the discussion
( Long Not Getting Fired )
It was within the threads where BB was getting fired and Long was mentioned.
I believe that’s where those comments were made.

The insiders at Kansas are probably discussing the same subject right now… both of them.

November 14, 2017
viewtopic.php?f=4&t=11974&hilit=jeff+lo … =30#p84557

November 15, 2017
https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/n … 107713456/
[quote]Arkansas fires athletic director Jeff Long after 10 years

This isn’t a knock on our insiders, but simply a testament that things change and can change in a hurry.

See above.

2009…it amazes me how you remember/find posts from the past.


It is all the search feature.

This isn’t a knock on our insiders, but simply a testament that things change and can change in a hurry.


That reminds me of either the day of or at most 2 days before BP was fired, Insiders were posting “Nobody wants anyone to lose their job” or something like that. Different board, so no way to go back and find those post.

This isn’t a knock on our insiders, but simply a testament that things change and can change in a hurry.


Request granted…

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