We interrupt the regularly scheduled Chris Beard lovefest

On this board for this announcement:

Mike Anderson seriously outcoached Chris Beard in the first half.

You fanboys may now return to your drooling.

I’m not wanting a coaching change either but why start this bs!!

You don’t have to read it, and I don’t have to like the flavor-of-the-month crap from the armchair ADs

HOW DO YOU FIGURE? no coach showed much in first half. AR offensive design sucks and player combos dont seem optimal, just my opinion. I don’t follow Beard and was not aware of him in Little Rock if that is where the infatuation comes from. Best coach is best recruiter, not that either one seems to be a coach em up type either. Big wash.

Aw Swine, you never brag at half-time winning or losing, basketball is 2 halves, they are working us right now.

Exactly…no 1st Half prizes are awarded :sunglasses:

I’m not a Beard fan! I’m just amazed the hogs don’t have enough depth for them to be able to avoid playing Gabe and Adrio and those 2 being put in positions on the floor where they continue to commit fouls, turnovers and handle the ball! This is yet another game where the players had plenty of chances to win but invent ways to get beat!!!

Where is Swine’s postgame commentary?!?

Swines busy cleaning up the kitchen from cooking and eating crow, he’s no different than the rest of us as far as putting that foot in the mouth unfortunately. After last weeks thread about Beards phone # you knew someone was gonna jump sooner or later. We’ve all been there a time or two! WPS

He’s still busy reading over the pre-firing, anti Bielema “flavor-of-the-month crap from the armchair ADs” like you and me and others, and trying to construct an argument as to why we were wrong. LOL.

Mike will either make it or he won’t. I’ve said my peace about him. We shall see.

That was the BIGGEST reason I wanted us to win yesterday. I would have shared in Swine’s vitriol. Unfortunately, Swine jinxed us by talking to soon. :smiley:

I don’t watch Razorback basketball anymore - not because of a dislike of MA, but rather a dislike of CBB in general. Years of not being good coupled with the one and done, etc. caused me to lose interest in the sport. Only game I’ve watched all year was G Tech because I went up for football recruiting event and Dad wanted to go to b-ball game.

But, I do lurk here on occasion to see the pulse of things and see if Swine is going to say something worth snickering at :grinning:

Sorry Swine, but even you probably didn’t have a lot of faith when the Hogs rolled out of the last timeout with a chance to take the lead… not many Hog fans did.


Excellent coach. I wish he was ours.

The highest a Mike Anderson coached Arkansas team has ever been ranked is 18th.

Only one Mike Anderson Arkansas team has been ranked in both polls at the same time.

Only two Mike Anderson Arkansas teams have ever cracked the top 25 (and neither one stayed there long).

Not much of an argument to even be made at this point.

Amazing… Daniel Gafford is playing the best game of his career, we’re up by 10 points against a tournament team on the last home game, and you guys are worried about a coach at another school, who will never coach and Arkansas, and has no interest in Arkansas. But you guys are “hog fans.”

Dredging up a thread from January? Just drive the hell to Lubbock and leave real Hog fans alone.

Do you remember how high Mike Anderson’s Missouri team was ranked? And how long they were in Top 25. Your response will be that it is irrelevant what Mike did in Missouri. If that is so, why is what Chris did at Texas Tech relevant?

You are right. You don’t have any argument.

Wait and see what he does with his own recruits.