we improved as a team tonight!

OL played better, not great but definitely better.

Defense as a whole played better-not perfect, but better,

FG unit defintely improved

KO unit, with one exception improved.

Now, if we could just play a complete game. Guys, we just beat a good team, with WAY more NFL players than we have, despite…

  1. line up off sides when we have INT
  2. red zone fumble backwards 24 yards
  3. Pulley drops easy pick 6
  4. another targeting call that loses a safety most of the game
  5. miss WIDE OPEN receiver (3) late in game and have to punt
  6. Marc Curles (!) calling Sprinkle for offensive pass interference when we had a real chance to score at the end of the first half.

we should have beaten this team by 14 points. At least as many major gaffs vs A&M.

if we can continue to improve as much as we have the past 7 days…watch out! and we’ve played probably the 3 best teams in the SEC, unless Auburn is one, and they are next. what a schedule!

What a great night!!!


Do not think passed poorly long pass to reed-- seem to me route was out and he went in

Bama’s annihilation of TN makes our loss look much better, and I think we are better than some of our fans think. Something was different tonight on the Oline and running game, but that may have to do with OM run defense. It may be that we have been playing some tough teams and it shows that OM just isn’t as good as everyone thinks on defense.