We hired the wrong coach

Anybody else observe the coach we were allegedly going to hire manhandled Ole Miss and won the game, Memphis. Contrast to Hogs getting blown out by Ole Miss — scoring only one offensive TD.

Fact — since getting blown out lastcyear by NTSU last year, the Razorbacks have shown zero improvement and often look worse.

So, give Morris 3 more years of this ?

Mike Norvell is in his fourth season at Memphis, has players in the fourth year of his program and his team was playing Ole Miss at home. Not to mention he took over a Memphis program that was already in good shape, which had defeated Ole Miss’ best team in a generation during the final season of his predecessor. No matter how much you prefer one coach over the other, you have to admit that was quite a different scenario from what Arkansas had last night.

If CCM wins 4 this year and 4 or 5 next season he will be gone. Period. He doesn’t have a guaranteed 5 seasons like some have said.

As long as we show improvement in the win column over the next 2 seasons, he will be here.

MI predicted 4-8 for this year ever since the season ended last year. I expect 6-6 next year (and a SEC record of 2-22). Anyone that expected more than that were just setting themselves up for disappointment.

Now, the following year 8-4 (4-4 SEC), and then 10-2 (6-2 SEC, that’s when our freshmen will be SR’s). Then we should be an 8-10 win team every year, but we had that before and it wasn’t good enough and we ran the coach off. But our SEC record would be 12-28 over 5 years. I asked before the season, with the improvements I predict would the fans wait? I think we already know the answer and it’s NO!

Now, as for this year, I wanted to see improvement and something that indicated we would improve. Until Starkel came in last night, I didn’t see it. After he came in, I think we now have hope.

I have looked and listened and I have seen no one saying the dude gets 5 years. Who are these people?

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OL is better, despite another rash of injuries.

D is better overall, despite terrible tackling in 4th quarter. much more athletic despite how young we are. finally have real safeties and decent corners/LB

QB is best we’ve had in years, as of 2nd half last night

TE’s are solid, freshmen WR;s are STUDS. wait till starkel and these guys get used to each other.

If we just don’t have the 100 stupid mistakes last night, we win. if the officials could see OGrady being held late 2nd quarter or the facemask on Boyd or not see t he fantasy “pass interference” on mclelleion, we had a decent chance even with the mistakes.

I like our coach, I think. not sold either way, but I clearly think we are improved over last year. let’s re-visit this after the A&M game


Norvell would have been the coach if not for BP.

Do your own math on that one.

That’s interesting and revisionist history - not from you, but from others in the media.

The spin at the time of the hire was they were co-finalists after Gus said no and Morris was pick because of TX recruiting ties and the PTBs thought he interviewed better.

Always rang hollow to me given his team’s always got throttled by Memphis and the HC who supervised them both at Tulsa said Norvell was the most talented of his former assistants.

Dudley, I got a degree in math and I still need a bit more to understand. Are you using that “new” math?

He is not part of BPs (Bobby Petrino?) coaching tree, nor did he play with him. So how does it all add up? Is he a fan of motorcycles? Did BP whisper in his ear not to come here? Did BP leave a bad smell in the office he didn’t like? Care to help remove a few more of the variables?

He’s saying word is he likes women other than his lovely wife - a lot.

Votan, what I heard from Memphis friends, was that Norvell had “off field issues”. I think DD is saying that UA had NO tolerance for that stuff, after having been burned by CBMFP so recently.

Young coeds, was the RUMOR that I heard then, and that gets hinted at, like this, by folks in the know.


I believe there was a certain characteristic that came to the surface regarding Norvell during the vetting process. I’ve never seen it explicitly stated, but one would assume he had some skeletons in his closet similar to BP. Not sure if it was on the level of promoting your mistress, but could have easily been not being totally forthcoming with certain people about things in your past.

They couldn’t go there - or at least thought they couldn’t - because of BP’s antics, and not just the motorcycle in the ditch.

I guess I look at that a bit differently. For me, as long as it doesn’t conflict with his job, like how BP hired his “on the side” action into the athletic dept., I really don’t care. To me when a husband or wife cheats, that is solely between the husband, the wife, and the cheater.

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Are you saying Volleyball players may have been involved?

I Submit that you are perhaps a little overboard with your having seen “Zero improvement”. Also, perhaps we should give the coaching staff a little slack, given that almost half of the roster is made up of freshmen or red shirt freshmen. Let’s give them a little time to develop, along with new recruiting additions, before totally throwing in the towel, unless you have knowledge of a sure bet replacement that will do better who would choose us over Tennessee.

And that’s exactly why I didn’t “report” on it when I knew 8 months before the ditch. We’re not TMZ. But when it became a legal thing, we were going to report on it Monday. He hit the ditch on April 1 - which was a Sunday.

We should have hired Mike Norvell. That’s my point.

I don’t accept that Memphis now has a superior football program to Arkansas, but I do know many will say that’s now the case.

This guy is not up for the job, and we’re all going to endure a lot of pain and suffering until he’s gone. I’m just advocating that we hurry up and move on.

There are some folks saying he gets a 5 year free pass, not as many as last year, and once we are 2-3 or 1-4 to start next season, there won’t be any.

What is astonishing is how many folks are perfectly willing and accepting of a 4-8 season this year – with losses to Colorado State this weekend as some are saying they expect and are fine letting it pass.

the university decided, per Dudley that Norvell, with his known issues, would not be the choice. Mike is a good coach and I like him but Justin Fuente fixed the Memphis program and made it what it is today. He is the one who followed Larry Porter and proceeded to lose to Arkansas St. et al his first 3 years at Memphis. He built the foundation and alot of those Memphis kids are from the Dallas area. An area we did not really recruit. You see us there more.

If don’t like the coach stroke the check for the buyouts for Morris and the new coach and show HY how awesome you are. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the 12 games you get a year. It must be terrible to be this miserable.