We held Bama to 443 yards

And the same number of points Tattoo U gave up, and the Tide needed a punt return, four turnovers and an 80-yard run in garbage time to get to those numbers at RRS a month ago. And somehow we held the Heisman Trophy winner to three catches for 22 yards (and one very quick punt return).

Bama had 389 yards at HALFTIME last night, by contrast. And Smith had 12 catches for 215 in the first two quarters

It’s hard not to say Bama 2020 is the best team ever. The numbers they put up, going 11-0 against SEC teams and then steamrolling ND and tOSU in the playoffs, all while dreading every COVID test. And our D did about as well against them as anyone (Bama AVERAGED 48.5 PPG and scored 50+ six times).

Saban is 69, still recruiting like crazy and shows no signs of slowing down. They’re not going to come back to us for a while, but maybe we can catch up some.

Arkansas looked like a high school team compared to Alabama this year. They could have beaten us by 50-60 points had they needed to. It was a mismatch. The Tide won’t always be this dominating, but right now no team or program is close. You have the best head coach and coaching staff with the dominate, best roster in the NCAA.

Ohio State just pounded Clemson…then Alabama just demolishes the Seeds. I bet Sam watched the game last night, wiped his brow and said, “whew”.

They did beat us by 49 so… Point is, we were able to take the Heisman winner away as a receiving threat, somehow, and slowed their passing game. But our offense didn’t do anything, with a bunch of sacks along with the turnovers, and that made their offense’s job a lot easier. They had to keep their foot on the pedal last night because the Suckeyes scored enough to make it interesting.

Mac Jones played the first half only against us and threw for 208. He threw for 342 in the first half last night, for your apples to apples comparison.

They were incredibly vanilla against us. The game plan was basic, because we weren’t a threat.
I think if they wanted to, they could’ve done unthinkable numbers. But they were able to do enough damage just going through the motions.
Different stratosphere of teams

The only thing on the line against us was getting by without injuries.

I agree they wanted to avoid injuries, plus they were already game planning for Florida the next week. We were literally a small bump in their road…

We held them to 443 yards because they had a lot of short field TD’s and a punt return for a TD.

They could have gained double that if they wished. They thought less about AR than they would about a bug flying around.

I bet Sam looked at Alabama’s lines and told his coaches “that is what our o and d lines need to look like”.

Sark’s use of motion. play design, and overall game plan was the best that I have ever seen in college football.

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