We heading for Vegas like


That’s awesome! Love Mina Kimes.

I’d seen that racing hog video before (possibly after the Kentucky game), but it’s extremely appropriate now.

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I think that might actually be a javelina instead of a pig/hog. But I like the video — forget it, we’re on a roll.

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Isn’t a javelina just a species or breed of wild hog?

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I think a Javelina is actually in the rodent family. Prolific in the desert Southwest. We have them down here in south Texas.

correct you are, javelinas are peccaries which is closer to rodent than pig.

We have some wild hogs around here and they are destroying the deer habitat and your garden if you don’t have a big dog.

Never knew that and would not have guessed it. Thanks.

Sure looked like a Hog to me, Chip.
Damn thing looked like it could play 40 Minutes of Hell.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Quite different than those wild razorback pigs that roamed our bottomland 70 years ago. That said, both could destroy the frontend of your car if hit on some rainy night when pigs along with cattle roam free in some counties. I can still recall the rattle of those cattle grates heading for the last St Charles Ferry on the lower White in the 70’s. In a variation on Joe Kines’ warning of the SEC, an old momma hawgs would steal your game, particularly fish, and destroy your campsite to feed her litter. They would stand and snort to defend found food. Mean!! I guess they are now sometimes cute. :joy:

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