We have zero talent

  • we are weak
  • we are out of position
  • we have poor technique
  • we fail to execute

Some players are good athletes and don’t have a high football IQ.
Some players are decent athletes and have a high football IQ.
Alabama is full of players that are good athletes and have a high football IQ.
I’ll let you decide what we have.

It is way too easy to scheme against our defense. Spread us out and run right at us…or throw it, cause we play 15 yards off of the receivers.

Bielema is the best recruiter since Broyles and then we were told Morris was better than him. LOL our fault for falling for it year after year

Since we’re at the bottom we might as well start all over again. Complete new coaching staff!

There is no way Hunter Yurachek is going to keep Morris, even if we can’t really afford another buyout. This is humiliating and embarrassing. I have never seen such poor tackling and defensive play. Poor Ben Hicks looks like he lost his dog. We look unprepared and play with no fire. What is going on?

Some of the problem is expectations. We as fans want every player signed to be the best and often times we look at offer lists and go man this guy is good. For example after Austin Allen cole Kelley then daulten Hyatt were added after ty storey. None that great yet all told how good they were and would be. I get it. Just think we don’t see the whole picture sometimes. A good coach is only as good as his players. Some coaches win by building up average players. Some coaches lose with good talent. I do know Raheem Boyd is only nfl guy on team at this point. That is a problem in the sec.

W have talent. But we don’t have a coach who knows how to utilize it. An average coach could take the talent on this team and win 4 or 5 games. I’ve seen enough. Morris needs to go.


Our talent is about 10 times better than our head coach!

Where’s that quote at?

I think Boyd, Burks, Woods and Knox are pretty good.

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About Bielema? Ask Richard. He wrote the article

But what about the QB position. Morris is suppose to be Mr. Quarterback Coach. So far, not so much. Only gave JSJ a chance this last game. Just because you stood next to Davo, doesn’t make you Davo.

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I’ll have to go look for it tonight after I get done with work.

FAYETTEVILLE – The compassion Bret Bielema shows to his players and his ability to relate to people from all walks of life have helped Bielema become Arkansas’ best recruiting head football coach since the late Frank Broyles.

Burks is a great player. Knox is good. Pool seems to be pretty good, too. We have some talented players. Not nearly enough, but we have some. From his one drive, Jefferson looks pretty good.

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Bielema was the best recruiter since Broyles. Chased great talent, and landed some.

Made the mistake of overlooking the value of speed, speed, and more speed in the SEC. If in doubt, choose the player with speed. For CBB, it was “if in doubt, choose the bigger/stronger player.”

Realized too late he didn’t know the schematics to the machine he inherited from Alvarez, and couldn’t find assistants to help him build it on his own. And, not only that, hired assistants who couldn’t convince him to chase some speed.

Wound up filling classes with players who didn’t deserve SEC offers but needed bodies. Good ones getting hurt or leaving, and mediocre ones not rising beyond their pedigree, means you are stuck with good kids who are being asked to slay Godzilla with a water pistol.

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This team is every bit as bad as last years.

Facts are stubborn things

We have some talent just terrible coaching!

Here’s the deal Dudley. You can answer when you are done working, but the bills get paid by winning football games for both you and Chad. I’ve given up season tickets and just about gave up on this board. This board has deteriorated over the past couple of years, yet I keep coming back. Shame on me. Don’t take everything personal, just keep it professional. I could care less if you played for Newport with Charles Balentine and became a student coach. Just do your job. Please just do your job and quit with the defending. I don’t see Clay and Richard defending their comments. Just chill, or I will cancel this subscription as well.

There is some talent on this team and a lot of them are young!!! But Chad just can’t coach his way out of a wet paper bag! I thought he would be able to out scheme people but he just don’t get it!