We have to recruit elite talent on the DL

Not sure who we have committed but don’t remember any being elite talents… Leblanc recruited some very good ones at Kent… needs to. Start doing it here, it will make or break us going forward, have to. Dominate and stop run with them

Florida and Bama supposedly have elite DL talent and the Gators gave up 543 yards and 41 points and Bama 450 and 24 points.

Hogs gave up 442 yards and 42 points.

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This just in: A&M’s offense is really good.

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Game is changing for sure but we have to get better up front IMO sets the foundation for the defense.

Yeah I think we all were expecting them to get at least 30 on us. They are very talented especially OL

It’s a new day. Has been for about 2-3 decades.

Pitman wants to get bigger on both sides of the ball. I know he’s working on it.
Every team wants Elite DL talent but there is not enough to go around. WE will still have to indentify talent and bring it in and develope it . LeBlanc did indeed get some large humans recruited and developed them. Sounds like a plan…

The Recruiting Section of this board has a drop down menu that includes commitments. You can see what DL have pledged for the Hogs.

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