We have to get off to a great start tonight

We cannot let them come out and get an early lead and get some momentum we need to jump out to 10- 14-point lead quickly

Yep we need to start with not just one score but at least two scores (preferably TD’s) right out of the gate. Then keep the throttle on the floor.

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We need pressure on their QB. He does not handle pressure well. And stop the run.

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Not sure we could pressure Pulaski Academy’s QB.

That’s funny. Good call! Good thing we didn’t let them get an early lead!

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Great starts are overrated!

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Well you can laugh all you want but falling behind early is not what you want to do,We still aren’t good enough to be spotting teams 10-14 pts,very glad we pulled it out but I can assure you at halftime you weren’t laughing,we were 1-31 when trailing by 13 or more at the half.

Nope, I wasn’t in a very good mood at 1/2 time. Thank goodness we do now have a staff that makes adjustments. But we sure need not get behind like we did last night.

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We started too slowly on offense, and ended too slowly on offense. But, that third quarter, what a jewell.

In my sales management career I always talked to my team about a “fast start” to the new fiscal year. My former boss and part owner of our company always told me (privately). “It’s not how you start but how you finish”.

He texted me last night late in the game telling me to take it easy on his Vols!

Ideally nobody wants to play catch up in the SEC.
Fortunately we now have a staff and players that doesn’t fold when behind and starting slowly. Only need to look back the past 4-5 years where 2nd half meltdowns were common.
Next week at FL I would prefer not to spot them 10-14 pts.

Just win! Rather finish fast than start fast but you guys are right it would be great to get off to a early lead at Florida. I just feel like they are starting to really get it going. Offensively as good as anybody we will play.

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