We have to be close to perfect in recruiting....

due to the fact we are not going to beat out most of the SEC, OU or Texas for the Top 150. Our evaluation and ability to close has to better than the elite schools I mentioned that recruit themselves.

We have whiffed MIGHTILY at LB, DB and OL the last 2 years. I thought by year 4 the OL would be a strength and this might be the worse OL we’ve had under BB. It’s a shame because our QB and WR are elite.

Froholdt time after time just turns guy loose and Wallace can’t handle the speed rush. We can still have a good season, but I worry about the future because there isn’t anything in reserve along the OL (last year we signed 1 HS and 2 JUCO who appear to be busts if they can’t beat out 51 and 60).

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