We have not progressed like last two years, we have regressed ----------

------- if we aren’t hot from 3-point land, we don’t have much to fall back on. The only upper classman leader who plays significant minutes imploded on the court, over reacted to a truly bad call, and then would not shut up, getting kicked out of the game and giving them a 6 point boost. That also took away the only Razorback, apparently, capable of hitting a 3 semi-consistently. We continued our regression at the free throw line which ended up being the difference in the game toward the end. Teams know they can collapse on Black, Council, and Smith when they drive because when they kick out to the open man, there is no 3 threat there to hurt them. Time after time, the kick out to an “open for a 3” man declined to shoot and just restarted the offense.

We missed 12 bunnies. You’re not going to shoot 100% on bunnies, but we were under 50%. Shoot 75% on bunnies (which would be 6 more baskets), we win without making a single extra 3.

That’s the area I’ve been most surprised by. We have had a very good percentage on 2-point shots for most of the season, but not lately.

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Since I am old school, this type of post is predictable from me, but in watching a fair amount of basketball, especially the last few weeks, I wonder if the three point fascination is not a bit of fools gold. For instance the super talented Alabama team’s last three games ( yes, I know they won two) were all laden with a barrage of missed threes. Ole Miss had a road win in CoMo slip through their hands by failing to run offense and settling for too many three point shots and even though Vandy got their lead with excellent three point shooting, they let Mississippi State in the game with quick threes near the end of this game.

I know this has been the offensive plan for Alabama is to avoid midrange and rely on drives to the rim or threes, but for many teams it seems the players pass on more mid range shots than threes. We are probably one of the more selective shooting teams, seemingly too selective at times.

So, yes, it seems our ability to score has regressed some, but I saw flashes of where the team moved the ball well, rebounded and played good defense. It just lacked the consistency of being there every night. Maybe youth, I can’t know for certain.

Keith I agree with you. However the analytics now run in college and pros say either a 3 or a layup otherwise a wasted possession.

Bama gets a lot of good inside drives because they will shoot the three and quickly with seeming disregard as to whether their average is good or not. This makes the opposition come out and guard because they absolutely know bama will shoot it. They also get lots of shots on Gail generally because they shoot quick

Given bamas recent three point woes I might take my chances and sag the defense some.

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It’s simple to me; we are not a good shooting team outside of a stuff. I don’t quite understand how Muss allowed or enabled it, but this is the situation.

I’m certainly ready to move on to the next season.

3 pointers
Shots at the rim
Free throws

That’s analytically what you should take

We have a poor percentage of all three

Recipe for losses
There is really not a strategy that fixes being unable to make these shots