we have messed around and let them right back in the game

defense is letting us down again routine ground ball booted by Shaddy and then a stinking Grand slam!! nothing ever easy with this bunch.

I would say “unbelievable “, but unfortunately it is nothing new

We were in good position to run rule this game and not have to play til 1AM, not have to burn pitching, etc…

They lost focus. We still may run rule them but it will take another explosion with the bats. Get the errors out of their system tonight.

it is what will keep us from being as good as we can be unless it gets better,just no excuse to boot a routine ground ball would have ended the inning

Florida is the best fielding team in the conference and had four errors tonight. Obviously Arkansas has a trend of errors away from home, but a lot of teams are struggling to field on this new playing surface. There have been 15 errors in the four games today.

Routine ground balls and soft liners to ss should not be missed… not sure if it’s just lack of concentration or what but we miss some very easy plays

And Casey’s second homer would have pushed the lead back to 10

When you fail to go to the ball sometimes the ball eats you up and it did. I thought Shaddy looked up as the ball got to him but the ball took a bad hop too! Murphy threw a ball away on a play he needs to learn to put in his pocket too. The errors cost some runs but in this game it won’t cost the hogs but 2 innings of pitching.
This is the hogs first game on this surface give them a break for today we will see how they do tomorrow.

Yes I know Shaddy makes that play 99% of the time it just was bad because they followed up with a grand slam…

No sweat ! Florida had 4 errors today too!
We are winning and I only want to win! The next game they will be better!

Yeah will have to be for sure…Shaddy has improved so much it just shocked me that he did it.wasnt expecting it.

Shaddy is money when the game is on the line! He’s one of my favorite hogs! A true team player.

Oh I love him too! Need more like him.will miss his passion for the game…