We have exceeded all of my expectations

For this season. Now officially playing with house money in my house. Which is why I will not be the nervous nellie when we play Bayluh, that I was tonight. Losing to any 15 seed would have been a gut wrencher.


We are also upping our recruiting prospects by hugh strides during this run. Get Bud filled to capacity next year and the program could get back on a big roll again.


We lost our 4 best players from last year.

Who could have ever predicted this at the beginning of the year?


And THAT fact is the reason I say Muss should have been SEC COY!


Since we beat Texas Tech, we are playing with House money…

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Totally agree. I’ll be much more able to watch the end of the Baylor game than I have been.

I dunno Wiz. Maybe if we had played The Ohio State. That house money smelled more like funny money to me. The Golden Titans were certainly a worthy opponent, but I expect to beat a 15 seed. We are now officially breathing elite air. The only thing that could bring me down from here would be a Tar Heel style robbing by the striped ones. Happy that Baylor blood isn’t blue.

The Ohio St & Florida expected to beat a 15 seed to.

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And they are crushed because they didn’t. Just as we would have been if that final shot had gone in. That’s why the game was so nerve racking. We were so close to elite status, but there was this nagging feeling that a little church school from Tulsa might deny us. If we lose to a higher seeded team, so be it. We had a great run and we know that Muss can take us deeper. Losing a game you know you should have won, will always hurt more.


The Guy in Hawaii.



The Guy in east Middle TN.


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