We have digressed this year

When we needed a good year to maintain the recruiting. CSP - what a great guy. But not so much a great head coach

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Injuries tend to do that to teams


Neighbor, if you had this year’s record last year and last year’s record this year, you would be singing the praises of this coaching staff. Do not overlook the large and significant number of injuries that have occurred this year. I’m willing to give this group the remainder of this year and then another year before I even start to think about throwing stones. Let’s just eat us some crawfish and boudin and hope for better luck with injuries in the future.


Coach Pitman goes to the press conferences and takes it head on! He don’t throw players under the bus and he owns the results on the field. The injuries have changed our hogs this season on offense and defense


Every team has injuries -

and suffers because of them.


But every team does NOT have equal injuries in number or specific critical players.

It’s a factor and it can’t be denied


we have failed to develop a 2nd sting QB, and that has cost us no less than 2 games. I say rather than blame the HC, then blame the OC and QB coach. Since you cannot replace them mid-season, it will be interesting to see whether they will be replaced post season and by whom. But…to keep them for next year, I’d then blame the HC.


What team has 2nd and 3rd string quarterbacks that can consistently win games. Please show me some examples.


and you point is? My point is that without a reliable backup QB we lost two games.

This wasn’t on the QB or running backs. It was on the Offensive Line not performing in either pass protection or run game.

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So what team is winning with their back up?

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While doing more with less is a virtue and great program characteristic, we need double down on recruiting and developing talent to meet our expectations.

We are like next to last place in our half of conference. Some fans may be get used to our not being good some 60-
70 percent of the time since joining SEC. We laugh at A&M but their great talent will mature and they and TX and others are recruiting well. We have to keep pace or be better somehow. We have to set high expectations and do more and spend more.

I hope football program becomes as pissed and impatient as Muss in basketball.

Injuries happen to all teams. Some get hit more than others. We got hit hard this year. A Coaching staff needs to be prepared for that. Our lack of depth on both sides of the ball. No depth when players go down. Second string not even close to being ready. Moving players around like chess pieces. Third team QB outplays second team QB. Backup not close to being ready.This is on the coaching staff. This is big time College Football. Recruiting and the portal are keys to ending these problems. The players are out there. It’s up to the staff to go out and get them. That requires effort, will,commitment. And fighting fire with fire against our conference rivals.

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The hogs are 7 pts away from a possible 8-2 with some tough injuries to key positions. And one of those was a freaky loss to A & M, the other a missed 2 pt conversion to Liberty, and the last a 3 pt loss to the number 7 rated team in the country (and winner of the West) LSU.

Quit hammering on the staff and/or players for playing their guts out!


If you don’t have a QB that can attack down field with the pass I don’t care who you are it will be hard to run the ball. The OL didn’t play very well!
The offense was inept at best for most of the game.
The defense played the best game I have ever at he’s them play in years! It wasn’t a blow out like most folks thought it was going to be. Our hogs fought.


Yea, I just don’t know how our OL has digressed so much the last several games. You think the opposing defenses have schemed us after figuring us out?

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Who would you develop man? Cade renfro was your 2nd string and he tore his knee in. Owl practice last year.

Brought in fortin when renfro got hurt and coley got homesick and went back home.

I had a buddy whose sons was recruited at qb by briles. They were open and honest about depth and all knew issues just trying to get it fixed.

Hard to build both depth and quality players when you only have 1 winning season in last 5.

Give it a rest.

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You do know portal has only been open truly for one year. Oh and you can only have 85 regardless of how they get there.

4 losing records in past 5 years. Hard to build QUALITY depth when those are players you are able to get. Remember we weren’t beating Oklahoma Alabama or lsu for players. For many we may have been their only sec offer.

Look at the past as it will tell you the future. Talent is getting better each year.

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Today bc Wagner was hurt and out Crawford got his chance and Perkins, the better player, kicked his butt. That happens. Takes time and experience.